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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Chapter 2 DVD Review

Jun 17, 2010

In this last installment of the first season of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, evil has spread through the universe at an alarming rate as Naga and his band of Bakugan wreak havoc on the human world. In responding to this threat, Dan and his friends set out to find Naga and retrieve the Silent Core from his vile henchmen. Available on DVD July 6.

Episodes 40 to 52

  • Alice Gets Schooled: Alice tells Klaus about what she did as Masquerade, and gets pulled into a battle to punish her for sending his Bakugan to the Doom Dimension while she had been Masquerade. However, Klaus was just trying to teach her a lesson, that everyone, and everything must work together in order to create harmony.
  • A Fish Called Taygen: The Bakugan Battle Brawlers enter Vestroia and realize Vestroia has become a hybrid world where two elements are mixed together to make one element together. They enter the Ventus and Aquos world where they meet Tayghen and Hairadee: two Bakugan of both Ventus and Aquos elements. As they fight, they suddenly see the portal to the next hybrid world of Vestroia is closing and so they agree that Shun and Marucho are to stay in the Ventus and Aquos world to defeat the two Bakugan. The rest of the Bakugan team disappear through the portal into another dimension of Vestroia.
  • The Race to Vestroia: As the remaining Brawlers enter the hybrid world of Subterra and Haos, a pair of Subterra/Haos Bakugan sisters named Rabeeder and Tricloid fall in love with Dan. The sisters say the only way out is if they beat them in a race. Dan and Drago win and leave to the next world.
  • Next Stop Naga-Ville: Dan and Drago enter the hybrid world of Pyrus and Darkus where the dark army is running rampant. Dan and Drago are saved from Pyrus/Darkus hybrid Bakugans Centorrior and Druman by Noble Lion: a Pyrus Tigrerra who is the oldest and wisest of all Bakugan. Nobilion explains how the negative energy has been influencing all of Vestroia, except those who can hide. Noble Lion also mentioned that the Negative Energy has also created the evil hybrid Bakugan. Upon running into Centorrior and Druman again, Drago and Noble Lion end up engaging them in battle. With Noble Lion's sacrifice, Dan and Drago try to defeat Centorrior and Druman.
  • It's a Long Shot: Alice arrives in Vestroia as Masquerade in order to help her friends. Masquerade finds Dan and he begins to help the weakened Dan and Drago. Centorrior and Druman though are able to counter sound judgment and all the power-ups that their Bakugan are given. Dan and Masquerade must work togerther to defeat Centorrior and Druman alongside an army of Serpenoids and Gargonoids. With Masquerade and Hydranoid using a cut and run trick, Dan and Drago lure them to the right spot where Hydranoid's attack manages to defeat Centorrior. Drago then uses his attack to defeat Druman. Masquerade then fades away encouraging Alice to continue on being a Bakugan Brawler and Alice obtains Hydranoid in the process. When the Brawlers reunite with each other, Centorrior and Druman watch from afar and stated that they are together just as Naga planned it to be.
  • Ground Control to Major Dan: The Battle Brawlers have managed to unite each element together, and they are given the blessing as the six new warriors. Hal-G and Naga are still causing chaos over Vestroia though, and now they are attacking Earth with the help of the hybrid Bakugan (Taygen, Hairadee, Rabeeder, Tricloid, Centorrior, and Druman) leading their Bakugan armies. The Brawlers must figure out how to save both worlds. Help is on the way though, thanks to Joe. Chan Lee, Billy Gilbert, Komba O'Charlie, Julio Santana, and Klaus Von Hertzon lead every Bakugan players of the world when they have decided to give assistance. Once Naga starts attacking with negative energy, his minions get charged up to turn the tables against the Bakugan players. Joe contacts the Brawlers to alert them that Naga in the real world. Drago senses Wavern is in trouble when he sends his minions to find the Infinity Core, so the Brawlers head back to take on Naga.
  • The One Hit Wonders: Wavern puts up an energy shield around Wardington powered by the Infinity Core to hold off Naga and his troops. Meanwhile the Brawlers return and join in the battle to protect all of Earth and defeat Naga before he can join the two cores together. Failure means that both worlds will be destroyed. Jenny, Jewels, and Marucho protect the city via sea, where the Ventus/Aquos hybrid Tayghen has been creating tsunamis. The singing of Jenny and Jewels gets Wardington's fans to come out and cheer. Can Marucho, Jenny, and Jewels defeat Tayghen?
  • There's Mud in Your Eye: The battle against Naga's troops continues as Julie and Billy team-up to take on the Subterra/Haos hybrid Bakugan called Tricloid, who has been powered up by Naga negative energy. At first the two seem to be overpowered, but the adaption of each other's battle styles may be what's needed to help them realize how to work as a team again, especially when Naga decides to crash the party. Shuji and Akira also appear trying to get strategies from their sister Nene. With help from Nene and her Ravenoid, Gorem and Cycloid defeat Tricloid by getting rid of the Negative Energy that Naga placed on her. At the end, Julie asks Billy out on a date.and in the middle of the episode, Cycloid calls Julie " Billy's girlfriend"and in the end they both are boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • R is for Revenge: Naga's troops have finally infiltrated Wardington after two defeats. Alice discovers that Tricloid's sister Rabeeder is invading the town. Little does she know the one she trained, Christopher, will also get involved in the battle. Dan is informed that Hairadee, Centorrior, and Druman are also approaching the city following Tayghen and Tricloid's defeat. When it appears these two are being overpowered, Klaus arrives. The three soon realize all that Rabeeder is doing is being controlled by her worry for her sister Tricloid. Alice starts doubting herself but Christopher helps her. Hydranoid defeats Rabeeder and is reunited with Tricloid as both of them return to Vestroia.
  • Showdown in Wardington: The return of Naga's Ventus/Aquos servant hybrid Hairadee has brought new troubles for Komba and Shun. When Skyress is trapped in a barrier of ice, Shun reveals his ninja skills to free Skyress and defeat the hybrid. Julio crashes the party and helps the battle. Finally, Hairadee is defeated. Unfortunately for Julio, he doesn't get any credit at all.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Bakugan: Dan and Runo stand as the only defenses against Centorrior and Druman. As Dan recalls his past battle with them, he realizes they don't have a chance without help. Julie, Billy, Marucho, Klaus, Julio, and Komba also get involved in the battle due to a transmission sent by Hal-G posing as Kato. Elsewhere. Alice stands ready to help her grandfather, who appears to have fully become himself again. She takes him to where Joe and Wavern are, only to find that she has been tricked! He unleashes Naga to take the Infinity Core but Shun, suspecting that Hal-G's transmission was a trap, turns up with Skyress to protect Wavern. When Joe gets captured, Chan-Lee frees him and joins the city's last line of defense by unleashing Fourtress. While Drago is stuck battling the last of Naga's servants, Wavern is in great distress.
  • The Final Brawl: Wavern is calling to Drago to tell him that she needs help, while The top ranked Brawlers must defeat Centorrior and Druman. Naga's negative energy is proving to be too much for Wavern and Fourtress. With Centorrior defeated, the others deal with Druman as Dan and Drago head over to where Naga is. When Drago arrives, he fights Naga. With help from Julio, Runo has Tigrerra destroy Druman. Wavern asks Drago to attack her so she can give him the Infinity Core. He does so, and Wavern disappears. Drago becomes Infinity Drago. Drago then continues his fight with Naga. In an epic battle, the two seem evenly matched. However, Hal-G sends out his 5th Paladins to assist Naga.
  • Game Over: As Hal-G releases 5th Paladins, Naga is slowly recovering. All seems hopeless until the Brawlers send their Bakugan to aid a wounded Drago. They destroy the 5th Paladins as Naga absorbs the 5th Paladins' energies. With the last of his power, Drago fires a brilliant burst of light that Naga attempts to absorb. The Bakugan combine their power with Drago's and it proves too much for Naga, who overloads, unable to control the power and finally explodes, destroying Naga in the process. The Silent Core then merges with Drago. Now the time has come, and unfortunately all great things must eventually come to an end. After an emotional goodbye, a parting so emotional it brings tears to everyone's face, the Brawlers and the Bakugan part ways as a portal opens, and the Brawlers throw their Bakugan one last time. The Brawlers' Bakugan, along with the rest of the Bakugan on Earth enter the portal and return to Vestroia. Drago flies to the center of Vestroia with the soul of Wavern and restores the Silent Core and Infinity Core. Harmony is restored in Vestroia, and the six worlds merge into one peaceful Bakugan sanctuary. After Dan has a talk with a vision of a distant old friend, he meets up with Runo in the park and they pose in front of the camera before heading out on a date.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Chapter 2Bakugan Battle Brawlers Chapter 2Courtesy of Cartoon Network
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