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World Cup 2010: Day 13

Jun 23, 2010

2006 World Cup Champions, the Italians are out! The referees are making life difficult for the Americans. Argentina looks impossible to beat. Portugal scored 7 goals in one game. Have you been watching the World Cup in South Africa??? It’s getting pretty interesting as teams are qualifying to the next round. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent events.

Meatball Tears

Italy LosesItaly Loses

Italy lost a spicy game to Slovakia 3-2. With star-goaltender Gianluigi Buffon injured on the sidelines, the Italians let in 3 meatballs. Stop your crying Italy; let somebody else win the World Cup for a change.

Marvelous Messi

Lionel MessiLionel Messi

Lionel Messi is anything but a messy soccer player. Argentina’s star striker has helped them become the only team so far to win all their games easily. Lionel has been making the other players look silly.

Portugal Pounding

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo finally scored a goal in Portugal’s second game against North Korea. Big deal… who didn’t score in that game for Portugal? They won 7-0.

Ridiculous Referees

American FansAmerican Fans

As much as the referees tried to prevent the Americans from scoring goals, USA will advance to round 2 against Ghana in the first elimination match of the tournament. What do you think the score will be, if the refs count ALL the American goals?

African Aspiration

Going 4 GhanaGoing 4 Ghana

South Africa has become the first host country to not advance to round 2 at any World Cup tournament. But it looks like only 1 African country will be advancing to the 2nd round… Go Ghana Go! You have the whole continent blowing the Vuvuzelas for you.

Forget France

French FrustrationFrench Frustration

Au’revoir France. After the players went on strike by not showing up for a practice, they went on to lose their last game with stubborn attitude. France only scored one goal in their three games.

Kung-Fu Kicks

Japan Free KickJapan Free Kick

Japan advances to round 2 by beating Denmark 3-1 in a win-or-die game. They scored two of their goals from amazing free kicks outside the 18-yard-box. Do you think they have some secret martial arts kicking style?

Last Day of Round 1

Big GameBig Game

The final games of the 1st round will end tomorrow. The big game to watch is Brazil versus Portugal at 10am EST. Both teams will probably advance to the next round, but when two titans clash, there should be at least one nice goal.

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