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America’s Got Talent Season 5 Episode 9

Jul 02, 2010

That’s it America. The auditions for season 5 of America’s Got Talent wrapped up last night. Some of the highlights of the final round of auditions included The Belly Dancing Duo, who seemed to distract Howie and Piers with their revealing outfits; a quirky, young violinist; a huge group of male dancers called Da Maniacs; and Team X-Pogo, who performed tricks and flips on pogo sticks.

Of course, we also had to suffer through some truly awful performances including The Tap Dancing Sarah Palin’s and a group of Sumo Wrestlers.

Amazing Talents

We also met Rick Smith Jr., a record-holding card thrower. He threw playing cards at a piece of celery and cut it in half as if they were as sharp as razor blades! Then came a 74 year old tap dancer who started off slow, but when Piers buzzed him he stepped up his game…ending in the splits! Did I mention he was 74! And who could forget Luigi Seno, a singer/guitar player. He sang Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 and knocked the judges’ socks off. His cool, relaxed voice and obvious charm landed him three yeses with the judges.


Then of course there was Clownvis, the bully of the night. He was a “clown Elvis” who started singing Old MacDonald had a farm, only to be buzzed by the judges right away. Immediately he started spewing insults at each of the judges, asking Piers who he was, insulting Sharon’s husband (Ozzie Osbourne), and telling Howie than he hasn’t done any quality work. What a jerk!

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