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America's Got Talent Season 5 Episode 13 :: Quarter Finals

Jul 21, 2010

Last night on America’s Got Talent, 12 more acts hit the Hollywood stage, hoping to impress the judges and America.

  • First up was Cheer SF, the cheerleading group of all ages. The judges didn’t feel like they took it to the next level. Their performance was boring and it left the judges underwhelmed.

  • Subway singer Alice Tan Ridley (mother of the star of Precious) sang her heart out. The judges called her an obvious star.

  • Next, the Mona Sampath Dance Company performed another Bollywood number. The judges loved their mix of modern and classic dance moves. Howie was the only judge who wasn’t wowed.

  • Iron Horse, the self-proclaimed rock n’ roll band, performed an underwhelming number. Sharron felt they needed less tricks and more singing. However Piers said the singer couldn’t sing. Ouch!

  • Next, the Strong Man impressed Sharron with his bulging biceps. But the male judges thought his motorcycle-lifting, car-flipping act was overdone.

  • Ronith, the world’s worst impressionist, gave us a few new (and unrecognizable) characters. Piers called him just plain bad. But Howie thought that’s part of his charm.

  • The elaborate and crazy Hannibal Means sang The Lion King’s Circle of Life. The judges thought he was brilliant, and Sharron even asked him to make her one of his trademark crocheted animal hats.

  • The dance group Wreckless brought out their inner circus freak. Sharron thought they were amazing considering that they’ve never been able to afford a rehearsal room.

  • Lil Chris, the 12-year-old Usher wannabe, performed (you guessed it!) an Usher song. The judges thought he was good for his age, but his voice is still too raw for the competition.

  • Ascendance, the dancing rock climbers, added two new members to their performance. Their piece had a spiritual feel that the judges called poetic and moving.

  • Antonio Restivo, the fire magician, gave it his all, bringing more fire and more action to the stage. The judges thought he was perfect for Vegas.

  • Last to hit the stage was Michael Grimm, the singer whose grandparents lost everything in hurricane Katrina. Howie called him his favorite singer in the competition.
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