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So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 :: Top 6 Again

Jul 30, 2010

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance, the judges didn’t send anyone home. So this week, two dancers will be cut.

  • First up were Kent and Anya with a cha-cha. Nigel said he transformed from boy to man, but the judges still commented on his exaggerated facial expressions.

  • Next, Robert and Kathryn performed a contemporary piece in which two lovers had to say goodbye so one could go to war. Nigel loved their connectivity, and said that Robert has gone from goofy to mature.

  • Adechike and Courtney teamed up for a jazz number. Overall the judges love it, calling it fun and energetic. But Nigel wanted to see more abandon in Adechike's dancing.

  • Jose landed a hip-hop routine with Comfort. The judges had mixed opinions. Guest judge Toni loved his sexy swag, while Mia said he had no swag at all.

  • Lauren and Allison performed the first all-girl Broadway routine on SYTYCD. Adam said he already thinks of Lauren as an all-star. The performance was so good, there was nothing to critique.

  • Billy and Ade performed a moving contemporary piece in which Billy was a homeless man, and Ade a successful businessman. They met on the street and discovered that they were old friends. The performance received a standing ovation. And Mia called it sheer perfection.

  • Jose and Kent delivered a quirky Broadway number, which Mia called ‘fantabulous.’ The judges doted on Kent, saying that this style is so perfect for him.

  • Lauren and Adechike performed a Fox Trot that was good, but didn’t have the wow-factor. For Nigel, the piece felt more like a jazz routine than ballroom.

  • Billy and Robert performed an amazing Bollywood number. The judges talked more about Robert, but they admitted that Billy has had his best night so far.

America voted and the bottom 3 dancers were Jose, Billy, and (shockingly) Lauren! Because Lauren has been outstanding all season, and it was her first time in the bottom 3, the judges sent the boys home.

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