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Mia Ford Q&A

Aug 02, 2010

Mia Ford began acting when she was just 4 years old! By 7, she was signed by a top talent agency in LA. Since then, Mia's appeared in commercials for Ford Motors, Radio Shack, Pizza Inn, and, and starred in various TV shows and movies. Check out our Q&A with this mega-talented young lady!

Kidzworld: How did you get into acting?
I like to say that my older sister, Madison Ford, inspired me to start acting. I thought it looked like fun so when I was five, I began taking classes too. We both found a love for acting so we signed with a local agent in Dallas. I started going on auditions and working acting jobs locally in Dallas. At seven I signed with an agent in Los Angeles. My sister and I have been each other's support systems through it all and I am having so much fun going through this amazing journey with her.

Kidzworld: What are the best/worst things about acting?
One of the things I love about acting is getting to explore and learn about various characters. I love meeting new people and I get the chance to through acting; I would definitely call myself a people person. I do not really find a lot of bad in what I do because I love it so much. The worst part of filming a project is the end when you have to say goodbye to everyone. It is both a happy but sad feeling. I always try to keep in touch with my cast members, but once we wrap I no longer get to see the whole cast and crew everyday.

Kidzworld: Who is the coolest celeb you’ve met?
The coolest celebrity I've met is Demi Lovato. I knew her before she became famous because she took classes from the same acting coach as me. She has always been really sweet and a fun person to be around. Whenever I bump into her she was always smiling. I love how she has a really friendly personality and I would love to work with her sometime in the future!

Kidzworld: Who would you want to work with most?
Jennifer Aniston is definitely number one on my list. My favorite show is "Friends" so getting to work with her would be one of my dreams. She is a phenomenal actress and very versatile in both comedy and drama. I always hear people say how sweet of a person she is, which I think is most important. I have seen almost all of her movies so I would be really excited if I could get the chance to work with her.

Kidzworld: Is it hard to be a “normal kid” and act at the same time?
I think I get the best of both worlds because I get to go to public school and see my friends every day, but then I also get to do what I love. My parents think it is very important for me to be around other kids my age everyday, where I can talk, hangout, and just have fun with them. Being an actress is fun! I'm so fortunate to get to do what I love every day. It’s such an exciting life! I am really happy with the life that I have and I couldn't imagine it any other way!

Kidzworld: What’s your fave film of all time?
My favorite film of all time is "She's the Man", starring Amanda Bynes. I love comedies and Amanda is one of my favorite comedians. I've seen it probably fifty times but it never gets old. There are many moments in “She’s the Man” that are hilarious, making me laugh so hard that I can’t breathe! Whenever I meet someone who hasn't seen it I always try to get them to watch it with me so they can enjoy it too. It has a great original plot to it and I think people of all ages would fall in love with it!

Kidzworld: Tell us about your best moment on set.
The best moment I've ever had on set was probably the last day of filming Within. We were filming a very intense scene with action and a lot of stunts. It was late at night and in the woods, which made it even more fun! Since it is one of the last scenes I don't want to give away what happens in the scene. I also had a great time filming it because most of the main cast was in the scene which was great. It was very emotional which pushed and challenged me as an actress. That was also my favorite moment on set because at the end everyone cheered and said "That's a wrap!", which is always a fantastic and memorable moment on set.

Kidzworld: How about your most embarrassing moment on set?
My most embarrassing moment happened on the set of Wonderful World. I was filming a scene where my family was playing a game of ping pong outside with Matthew Broderick's character, Ben. I played the role of Jesse Tyler Ferguson's (Modern Family) daughter, Maxine. I'm not the most coordinated person in the world, so after I missed the ping pong ball about ten times they had to take me out of the game and have my character, Maxine, be watching the family's game next to the ping pong table. It was funny because after they took me out of the game, I don't think the ball ever touched the ground again! Looking back, it was a little embarrassing how they had to take me out of the game, but I still had a great time filming the scene. Now it’s a great story to tell!

Kidzworld: Who has been your fave person to work with so far?
That's a really hard question to answer because I have been lucky to work with so many kind and talented actors. It has been such a joy to work with them all. If I had to choose a few that stand out the most, it would probably be Sam Jaeger (Parenthood), who played my dad in Within and Sammi Hanratty (Within). It was really easy to connect with them as actors, which I think is vital to the film. They are both phenomenal actors and they are so much fun to work with.

Kidzworld: Have you ever played a character who is similar to you?
When I play a character I try to find things that we have in common so I can relate to her more, which makes the character easier to play. If I had to pick the character that is most like me, I would have to say it was Rachel Weiss from my film, Within. Unfortunately, I don't have a supernatural gift like she does, but I think our personalities are alike in some ways. We both have an old soul type of feel about us, and of course I think we look a lot alike!

Kidzworld: Let’s play favorites:

    1. Animal: Dolphin
    2. Color: Blue
    3. Food: Pepperoni Pizza
    4. Candy: Sour Punch Straws
    5. Ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip
    6. TV show: "Friends"
    7. Book: "There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom"
    8. Movie: "She's the Man"
    9. Musician: Justin Bieber

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