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Free Realms’ Referee Ruby’s Guide to Racing

Aug 04, 2010

Free Realms is a free, virtual world where you can interact with other kids in a safe, online environment and participate in cool activities and games, like racing.

Check out our exclusive Free Realms’ Referee Ruby’s Guide to Racing. Come on! It’s race time! Go! Go! Go!

First let’s stop at Big Paulie’s garage at Wildwood Speedway to upgrade my kart! Looks like I busted this one up pretty good.

Here we go! This Wicked Racer will do nicely. Now let’s get out there and tear it up!

Here we are at the Wildwood Track. If this is your first race we should probably go over all the technical junk.

You can use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to steer, and the spacebar or right mouse button will make you jump. Wooo I’m flyingggg!

Along the track you can find some sweet power-ups. These can be used to slow down other karts or speed up your own kart! Personally I just like shooting rockets at stuff. Can you blame me? Pew pew pew!

Once you’ve got that down, just go your fastest until you WIN WIN WIN.

I am superior.

If racing isn’t your thing, but blowing up cars IS your thing, then I’ve got a treat for you. Put your mean face on - it’s Demo Derby time!

This lovely little machine is the Barbed Crusher. Let’s go find out what kind of mayhem we can do in this beauty.

The controls are pretty much the same as Kart Racing. Just drive around until you find another car to smash, and then smash them! Smashy smash smash.

The bar above each kart shows its health. The crown shows which player is in the lead. It’s not over me at the moment, so this is clearly some sort of mistake. Clearly, this must be corrected.

You can grab some power-ups, or use your speed boost by clicking the control button or right mouse key to dominate the Demo Derby. The under side of your kart does the most damage, so make sure you jump on other karts as much as possible.

Ahh, that’s better. My crown. <3

Now you know how it works… get out there and win some trophies! And then do a victory dance or two. Ohhh yeahhhh. Groovin’ with my enormous shoulder armor things.

Errr… I’ll see you guys in-game. Ahem. Nobody saw that right…?

Ready, set... Referee Ruby, over and out!


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