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Top 10 Silly Bandz

Aug 23, 2010

It’s amazing – a whole trend sweeping the nation centered around… rubber band-bracelets! Silly Bandz are THE must-have fashion item for the new school year. Check out our top 10 faves and make sure you’re not the only person in the playground without them!

No. 10: Rock Bandz

Silly Bandz

These Silly Bandz are shaped like pretty much every instrument and gadget you need to start your own band: a guitar, drums, rock fingers and, of course, a cool guy totally rocking out on your wrist!

No. 9: Alphabet Shapes

Silly Bandz

These amazing alphabetical Silly Bandzon your arm – you just need a dictionary and the patience to put them on in the right order each morning when you wake up!

No. 8: Phrases

Silly Bandz

OK, so if you’re too lazy to do the above, just cop Silly Bandz phrases, which feature IM acronyms like: TTYL, BRB, LOL and BFF.

No. 7: Tye-Dye Gymnastics Glow in the Dark

Silly Bandz

What do you get when you cross Silly Bandz with Gymnastics with Tie-Dye Colors with awesomeness??? Number 7 on our list of Top 10!

No. 6: Fast Food Shapes

Silly Bandz

Mmm… just looking at these scrumptious Silly Bandz is making our mouths water! Hot dog, french fries, ice cream cone – even a pizza slice with a bit out of it!

No. 5: Treats Shapes

Silly Bandz

To go along with our fast food faves above, these Silly Bandz (also totally drool-worthy) come in the shapes of some of the tastiest treats out there: popsicle, lollipop, cupcake and even a Hershey’s chocolate kiss!

No. 4: UV Activated Beach Shapes

Silly Bandz

Even in September you can remember the sun, sand and surf of summer by wearing these beach-themed Silly Bandz on your arm. They’re UV Activated, which means they change color as soon as you step out in the sun!

No. 3: Crazy Hope

Silly Bandz

We love how these carry inspirational messages and symbols about peach, love and hope – AND they glow in the dark!

No. 2: Fun Shapes

Silly Bandz

Call us old-fashioned, but we love these simple, fun Silly Bandz that include a star, a dollar sign, a washroom woman, a heart, a bone and a crazy spirally thing, too!

No. 1: Justin Bieber Bandz

Silly Bandz

The Justin Bieber Silly Bandz pack features 24 bracelets in six different shapes: headphones, hat, music note, I Heart JB, Bieber Heart and Justin Singing. As you probably know, the bands bounce right back to their original shape when you take them off your wrist. Of course, they come in purple, which is the 16-year-old pop star's favorite color.

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