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Star Sisterz Collectable Charm Bracelet Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Get your funky fashion style going with the Star Sisterz collectible charm bracelet game review right here!

Star Sisterz is a collectable card and bracelet game that tosses all the fantasy monsters and lots of other dueling junk right out the window. Instead, it's all about collecting charm bracelet accessories by doing dares, performing stunts and other fun stuff. It's from the gaming peeps at Wizards of the Coast who are behind the Neopets game and a bunch of other stuff. Here's how the Star Sisterz game works!

Star Sisterz Collectible Charm Game - Totally Stylin'

The game starts with each player snagging an empty bracelet, then you get a pile of bracelet charms and a deck of cards. Each player grabs a card that'll have either a Challenge, a Dare or a Big Idea that tells you how to win a charm and what kind of charm you can win. A lot of the cards have great ideas on how to have fun at a party, or just for goofing-around with your pals.

Star Sisterz Collectible Charm Game - Card Types

If you do what a card says, you can add one of the charms to your bracelet to show your friends - and you can keep it too! Here are the different kinds of cards:
  • Challenges - these are perfect party stunts - like doing your makeup blindfolded or acting out your fave movie scene.
  • Big Idea - these cards are like a game all by themselves and can be as crazy as dressing up like a pop star and trying to convince peeps at the mall that you're really famous.
  • Dare - these cards are like super-challenges, if you can do 'em, you earn a super-special charm!

    Star Sisterz Collectible Charm Game - Fashion Disasters

    The challenges and dares are great - but some are way over the top or just plain dumb. If you're havin' some fun with friends at a party and draw a card that'll make you all head down to the mall to dress up like pop stars, or to pull a stunt in the arcade, it can be way weird. Before you play, go through the cards and pull out the lame ones.

    Star Sisterz Collectible Charm Game - Charmed?

    Star Sisterz is a blast as a party game, as long as you go through the cards and ditch the lame ones first. It's also great for makin' new friends at parties 'cuz lots of the cards are about sharing stuff.

    Star Sisterz Thumbs Up:

  • Cool party trick challenge cards.
  • Good way to find out stuff about your friends.
  • Collectible bracelet charms and cards.

    Star Sisterz Thumbs Down:

  • Some of the card challenges are really lame.
  • You need a couple of players for it to be really fun.

    Star Sisterz Collectible Charm Game Rating: 4

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