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D&D Miniatures: Fantasy Battles

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures game of fantasy strategy battles where you can lead elves, dwarves and heroes into battle!

Dungeons & Dragons is an old-skool fantasy game played by hardcore geeks with pencils and dice right? Not any more! The Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures game takes all the elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons and monsters from fantasy stories and movies, like The Lord of the Rings, and puts them under your command. With this miniature figure strategy game you'll be leading elven archers into battle, kicking the snot out of orcs, and having your dwarves run the heck away from huge trolls!

D&D Miniatures - What It's All About

The Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures game comes in starter packs and booster packs full of plastic warriors, rules and maps. Each players spends points to build a group of warriors for the battlefield - cheaper creatures are weak so you can have lots of 'em, while powerful heroes cost a ton so you'll only have a few figures. Once you have your critters, you grab a map and start rolling dice to move your warriors around and attack!

D&D Miniatures - Great Big Fun

The nice thing about the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures game is that it's easy to learn, fast to play and really cheap. Once you grab a starter box of figures, you can be kicking orc butt like a pro in no time. Each creature has special powers, magic spells, different attacks and can belong to different teams of warriors. Collectors can build complete sets of the original "Harbinger" set and the "Dragoneye" expansion, which is full of - you guessed it - dragons!

D&D Miniatures - Small Problems

The biggest problem with the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures game is that the plastic warriors don't look very good. Most of them are really cheaply painted and rarely have facial details. Another problem is that the boxes full of figures are random so if you're trying to get an all-elf army, it's going to be hard.

D&D Miniatures - Battle Summary

It's fast, fun, cheap and easy. If the miniature warriors looked better it would be a total winner. It's still a blast to play and you can have a full battle in 30 minutes or less. Plus, you can use the figures to recreate your fave fantasy battles from The Lord of the Rings or make up your own stories.

D&D Miniatures Age Rating: Everyone.

D&D Miniatures Thumbs Up:

  • Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, heroes and more!
  • The figures are totally cheap.
  • Easy to learn and fast to play.

    D&D Miniatures Thumbs Down:

  • The figures look pretty weak.
  • Random boxes make it hard to get your fave figures.

    D&D Miniatures Game Rating: 4

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