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The Best Unplugged Games and Toys of 2003

Jul 10, 2018

At the end of 2003 the list of games that dropped can boggle even a hardcore gamer so Gary's got a list of what's hot and what's not for you. The [kwlink]best games[/kwlink] of 2003 are fun to play, easy to learn and anyone can pick 'em up and enjoy 'em. These card games, miniature games and toys are the kind of present that Santa brings to kids who've been good all year, or at least who know how to not get caught!

#5 - X-Joints Build & Destroy Robot Toys

Everybody digs cool robots, especially when they're loaded with extra options. The X-Joints Build & Destroy robots not only bend and twist like pretzels, you can also tear them apart and rebuild them into fun new designs. You can even combine multiple robots into one humongous mega robot!
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    #4 - Neopets Trading Card Game

    The Neopets are all over the 'net and now they're in your home! All your fave Neopets are here in this easy to learn card game that lets you challenge your friends to Neopet games and unlock free prizes for your online Neopets with secret codes. The Neopets TCG is a cool mix of online and offline fun that anyone can enjoy!
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    #3 - Creepy Freaks Collectible Miniature Monster Game

    Pick your monsters, pick your teams but don't pick your nose! Creepy Freaks lets you collect miniature figures of all the creepy monsters that lurk under your bed and battle to see who's the grossest of all. With cool miniature monsters, easy to learn rules and a warped sense of humor, this is the perfect game for peeps who like grossing people out.
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    #2 - HumAliens Trading Card Game

    In the depths of space, humans, aliens, robots and other critters are battling and now you can control 'em! The HumAliens card game does an excellent job of mixing cool art, fun creatures and serious deck-building strategy into a game. It's great for gamers who are ready to pick up a fun game that's advanced enough to provide serious strategy.
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    #1 - The Simpsons Trading Card Game

    Play cards with The Simpsons and take over Springfield with The Simpsons TCG from Wizards of the Coast!
    Courtesy of Wizards
    Bartman would dig this game and that's the best way to know that it rocks. The Simpsons TCG is easy to learn and fast to play. It's full of Simpsons jokes and personality - every card has something funny going on. It's perfect as a party game or to play against a friend. If you're looking for a cool game, shuffle over to Springfield and give this one a try!
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