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Gen Con So Cal 2003 Game News Wrap-up

Dec 27, 2006

Gen Con So Cal 2003, one of the world's biggest gaming conventions, blew through Anaheim California with the sound of a billion cards being shuffled. There were gamers galore checking out the newest Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, Neopets, Duel Masters, Beyblade, Ninja Turtles and even American Idol trading game cards, and Gary's got the scoop on these hot new games and more!

VS. System - Superhero Trading Card Game From Upper Deck

It's superhero combat time! The VS. System game is going to be full of your fave Marvel superheroes when it drops late March 2004. You'll be able to control a team of heroes and villains and do battle. Another cool fact is that it's not just your fave Marvel heroes. DC comic characters like Batman and Superman are going to join the game as well as other heroes in later expansions.

The best news is that picking up your first deck is going to be cheap so you can play for fun easily. If you want to go hardcore, there's a ton of prizes available including school scholarships, massive bragging rights and sweet promo cards. Plus, there's a tournament league for kidz so you won't have to compete with some fat 30 year-old dude who owns a card store.

Duel Masters Trading Card Game From Wizards

The upcoming Duel Masters TCG is available now, just not in English! It's being brought to North American from Japan, where it's already a huge hit as a game and on TV. It's about a kid named Shobu who plays a card game that's about summoning monsters - but, he can summon them for real to do battle! The game will be available on March 05, 2004 but you can catch it on TV in January 2004. Keep an eye on it and you'll be able to win prizes, plus read the comic and play the GBA and Playstation 2 games in late 2004.

Beyblade Trading Card Game From Decipher

Beyblade fans can now grab a deck of Beyblade trading cards and Let It Rip! against an opponent to test their Beyblade battling skills. The game is totally simple - it's all about matching colors and bits to score hits, playing characters from the show and knocking your opponent out of the Beystadium. One cool feature is that you can even add some style to your Beyblade TCG cards with special stickers.

Neopets Trading Card Game From Wizards

Neopets is coming out with a new expansion called Neopets: Battle for Meridell that'll drop on January 26, 2004 and bring something cool to the Neopets game locations! Now you'll be able to battle in some of your fave places from Neopia.

BreaKey Collectible Game From Upper Deck

Upper Deck's BreaKey game is one of the weirdest, and coolest, things that'll be out in 2004. It's a game of dueling where you snap your opponent's BreaKey to defeat them and win! Each BreaKey has a little monster character on it and each one has different strengths that serious BreaKey masters can discover. Plus, you can register online at GoBreaKey.com and build your online collection of BreaKeys, win prizes and get cool info.

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