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The Worst Unplugged Games and Toys of 2003

Dec 27, 2006

You can't have winners without having losers. These games are the stinkers that make everything else look that much better. Check out which card games, board games and other unplugged games have earned a thumbs down in 2003!

#5 - SpongeBob SquarePants

Bikini Bottom is a weird place full of fun people like SpongeBob, Patrick Starfish, Sandy Cheeks and more. Unfortunately, the card game is about as much fun as sand in your bathing suit. SpongeBob and his friends are packed full of personality, but the cards are seriously dull.
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    #4 - Lord of the Rings Board Game

    The Lord of the Rings movies rocked the planet with the coolest fantasy battles and hottest stars ever. With the movies kicking so much butt, what happened to this board game? The artwork is weak, playing it is ho-hum, and it's really awkward to cram into a backpack so forget about taking it to a friend's to play.
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    #3 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game God Cards

    What the heck were they thinking? The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game is all about duelling with powerful monsters and these cards are the strongest monsters ever. But they're harder to get than a date with that hottie in gym class and they aren't even legit to use in tournaments. The Yu-Gi-Oh! God Cards are also selling for major cash at card game stores so it's a real stinker. The rest of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is fun stuff, but these cards are a tease and a major waste of time.
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    #2 - iBOTZ Educational Toy Robot Kits

    Building robots is totally cool, right? Battlebots makes it look awesome, the X-Joints robots are fun and the iBOTZ robots can move so they're extra cool too, right? Nope. These robots come with instructions that could confuse Einstein. Then, once they're assembled, you can turn them on and watch them suck because they barely even work. Skip 'em and grab a LEGO Spybotics robot!
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    #1 - Genio Cards

    Speaking of wasting time - the Genio card game is one way to waste time. Well, a few minutes at least, then you'll get bored and start twiddling your thumbs cuz that's tons more fun. All you do is flip over your cards and compare numbers, the highest number wins. But, the loser can scream at the winner to make them answer trivia questions. Add in some super lame facts on each card and it's time to toss these stinkers.

    That's the 411 on unplugged games for 2003! Check back later to get the rundown on the hot or not video games of 2003 here at Kidzworld.

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