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Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Barbie is back with Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue for the Microsoft Xbox video game console. Read the game review here!

What's blonde, has blue eyes, six legs, and fills the hearts of little girls all over North America with joy? Well, if you said Barbie, you'd be half right - but if you said Barbie on her horse Blossom, in Barbie Horse Adventures, you'd be completely right! That's right gang, Barbie's back with more horse adventures and this one's called Wild Horse Rescue - out just in time for Christmas.

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue Riding Basics

This game is definitely a fun one. Of course it's aimed mostly at all those Barbie fans out there, but this one is so cute, everyone in the family can enjoy it. The idea is pretty simple: while visiting the Silver Valley Riding School, a freak overnight storm blows in and all the horses get scared and run away. So, it's up to you to make sure they get back safely. You're going to have to ride, jump, swim, hike, pet and lasso your way through five levels of very cool looking graphics (trails, cliffs, beaches) to save the day. Along the way you collect coins and other treasures that can be used to buy new clothes for both Barbie and Blossom, cuz every girl's gotta look good when she's savin' the day.

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue Hits

The game handles wicked-easy and it's totally fun to cruise around. After a while you get to unlock more trails, and then the fun really begins. You can customize your horse by choosing the color, the horse's coat, even its mane! Grooming the horse is great too. You can wash and brush her in the stables, pick your own saddle, blanket and bridle. Also, there's a whole other section to the game (called mini games) where you can race your friends as Barbie, Christie or Teresa, play a co-op coin roundup (where you can play with your pals or against them), a lasso challenge and a beach bird chase. To top it all off, the handbook for the game has a neat list of definitions that tell you all about horses and how to take care of them.

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue Misses

The real problem with the game is that it's so easy to play. After a while it gets kind of boring.

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue Bottom Line

Despite being a little simple, this game is totally wicked for Barbie fans and horse lovers. It's (kinda) challenging and exciting without being dark and scary, and that's pretty cool.

Barbie Horse Adventures Age Rating: Everyone.

Barbie Horse Adventures Thumbs Up:

  • Great graphics.
  • The stable.
  • Feeding skunks and porcupines.
  • Mini games.

    Barbie Horse Adventures Thumbs Down:

  • Gets boring after a while.
  • Not really hard enough.

    Barbie Horse Adventures Game Rating: 3

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