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Duel Masters TCG: Basic Game Review (pg.2)

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Read a review of Wizards of the Coasts new collectible trading card game - Duel Masters! - Page 2

You've already read the 411 on how to play the Duel Masters Trading Card Game from Wizards of the Coast. Now, here are some game tips on what strategies are good for beginners or dueling pros, and a final game review rating for Duel Masters. Will it rock or suck? Read on and find out!

Duel Masters Trading Card Game Card Breakdown

The cards in Duel Masters are broken down into five groups. Each group is a different society of monsters with different ways to kick but. Here's the scoop for you:

Duel Masters TCG Dark Cards

Dark cards have lots of icky bug critters and tons of ways to wipe out monsters without having to battle them. It's not a powerful color for attacking, but it's great for messing up your opponent.

Duel Masters TCG Fire Cards

Fire is all about lizards and making things go boom. These cards work best if you want to hammer your opponent with crazy monsters until they give up, but crave more strategy than with nature cards.

Duel Masters TCG Light Cards

Light is full of creatures you can use as blockers, strange magic effects and it also has some of the hottest rare cards in the game. It's not an easy color for beginners, but once you have enough cards and strategies, it's a rockin' way to win.

Duel Masters TCG Nature Cards

If you like big monsters, you'll like the green nature cards. It's all about getting huge furry monsters under your control - fast. There isn't a lot of strategy, so it's great for beginners. Just put all your big creatures in a deck and thump your opponent hard.

Duel Masters TCG Water Cards

Blue water cards are really sneaky - lots of water monsters can't be blocked and the spell cards can really slow down your opponent. Water doesn't have huge monsters, but it's great for sneaky strategies.

Also, you can mix up the colors in your deck to keep things interesting - combining water and life gives you lots of blockers and sneaky attackers, a deadly combination.

Duel Masters Trading Card Game - Hot or Not?

It's totally easy to learn, fast to play, the art is great and the game is fun! It's also full of cheesy-sounding monsters, like Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion, that are an absolute blast to play with. That's enough to make it cool, but there's also the Duel Masters D-Max membership that'll score you free stuff and let you enter in tournaments to win prizes and scholarships with your dueling skills. It's a sweet game and it's going to get even better with the expansion sets - Evo Crushinators of Doom, Rampage of the Super Warriors, Shadow Clash of the Blinding Night and more!

Duel Masters Trading Card Game Thumbs Up:

  • Easy to learn and fast to play.
  • Wicked card art.
  • Comic book, TV show, toy, video game and tournament extras.
  • Awesome card names, like Super Explosive Volcanodon!

    Duel Masters Trading Card Game Thumbs Down:

  • Dark cards are weak.
  • You can get paper cuts from shuffling cards if you aren't careful.

    Duel Masters TCG Rating: 5

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