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Duel Masters Card Game and TV Show

Dec 27, 2006

If you have your finger on the pulse of the game world then you know what's coming - Duel Masters! The crazy monsters of the Duel Masters universe have been preparing to invade and now it's happening with a card game, animated TV show, comic books, video games and even action figures. Want to know what it's all about and how being a Duel Masters maniac can win you some serious prizes? Check it out...

The Duel Masters Big, Bad, Monster Breakdown

Duel Masters is about one kid, Shobu Kirifuda, who can shuffle a mean deck of cards. He plays the Duel Masters card game, but finds out that there are real monsters and that he can summon them to battle using Kaijudo - the martial arts of battling with huge monsters. With this power, he can search for his missing father and do battle with other Kaijudo masters who use their powers for evil - like delaying video game releases and making curfew earlier (those jerks...).

Duel Masters Comic Book Monster Smashfest!

The comic book grabs you by the eyeballs and tosses you headfirst into the realm of Duel Masters monsters. These humongous beasts spend their time chillin' in a harsh dimension that's full of other huge monsters. The comic book is the best way to find out more about the wacky dimension that the monsters chill in, plus it gives you a chance to read about Shobu when you're stuck on a bus or if your GBA runs out of batteries.

Duel Masters Video Game Mania for GBA & PS2!

If you dig the art of the digital monster smackdown - Atari is going to be your new best friend. They're working on two Duel Masters video games, one for the Playstation 2 and another for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. In either game, you'll be playing as the lean-mean Kaijudo-machine, Shobu, and you'll be able to master the art of beating bad guys senseless with monsters. Ya know, villains would be way better off if they quit the villain business and started up a cake shop. At the very least they'd get beaten up less...

Click Here for Duel Masters action figure info, the scoop on the TV show, and facts on the card game - including how to win prizes for playing!

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