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Camp Rock 2 with the Jo Bros and Demi Lovato!

Aug 27, 2011

Kidzworld is with the stars talking about the upcoming TV movie sequel and much more! The Jonas Brothers have known songstress/actress Demi Lovato since the first Camp Rock movie aired on the Disney Channel in 2008. As singers Mitchie and Shane, Demi and Joe Jonas forged a friendship that has lasted, in various forms, since then. Now the gang is back together in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, starting on the network September 3, and we sat down with all of them!

Camp Rock 2: The Final JamCamp Rock 2: The Final Jam

First let's chat with Demi, who has just celebrated her 18th birthday. The Jo Bros will drop in later. We see them lurking across the room. Demi is expanding her career to include serious dramatic acting and told us her future career plans...and, yes, she's talking about Joe, their relationship and a special song they duet in Camp Rock 2.

Demi LovatoDemi LovatoCourtesy of Lynn Barker

Kidzworld: Demi, you're on everything lately. TV guest shots galore.

  • Demi: If you would have told me three years ago that I would have been doing this much, I would have said, “No way.” But I've been working at this for while so it's an honor.

Kidzworld: What about returning to Camp Rock?

  • Demi: Going back to Camp Rock, we had such a great time getting to shoot the second movie. The first movie was really great but I think the second one, we all stepped up our game. The first movie was us all being new. It was our first movie basically. It was definitely mine and, this time around, I knew what to expect. I was a little bit more seasoned as an actress and I tried my best.

Kidzworld: There is a great duet you have with Joe Jonas. Your characters are kind of mad at each other and walking and talking and really belting it out! How different was that from what you've sung with him before because it seems to have more feeling. It was really good.

  • Demi: Thanks! It definitely had more feeling. I think being friends with someone for years at a time you're able to do that. If I had just met him, it might have been more difficult to play those emotions. Might not have been but we've gone through a lot; not just me and him but all three of the brothers. We've been through so much together since the first Camp Rock and Joe and I have been best friends and had our ups and downs so it wasn't hard to be able to relate to the song but, at the same time, it was a blast. I love being able to show my emotions through song and my acting. I'd play dramatic over comedy, I think, any day. I love doing comedy though.

Kidzworld: Can you tell us a set secret from Camp Rock 2?

  • Demi: I wish we'd played more pranks but we were so focused. But there was one day where it started snowing and it's supposed to be the summertime. It was snowing while I'm in a silk mini-dress, freezing cold at four in the morning! I was miserable. After that day I was like, “You know, I can do anything now.” We were shooting in Toronto.

Kidzworld: Yikes! Was doing the episode of Grey's Anatomy to give you a transition into more dramatic roles? [In the episode Shiny Happy People Demi played a mentally troubled teen].

  • Demi: Well, I've gotten a ton of feedback on that, which is really incredible. The reason I took that role was it was a great opportunity to show that I love playing dramatic characters but for me, it was being on my favorite TV show! They came to me with that role and I was like, “No way. That's my dream role to play a crazy schizophrenic person” [she laughs], so I was really happy to do it.

Kidzworld: How did you get involved in the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show?

  • Demi: They were huge fans of Camp Rock, the children on the show and they were so sweet, so adorable. Their parents are incredible and I bonded with that family in the short time that I was there. They're from the south and my family is from the south so there is a bit of connection there. There was a moment where the dad started crying, then I started crying and everyone is crying. That was on camera but still I had such a great time. That opportunity came to me and I couldn't pass it up. That show is able to change people's lives.

Kidzworld: So you didn't have to actually help build a house did you?

  • Demi: No but I built a snowman. I've been honored to be a part of that.

Kidzworld: Where do you want your career to finally go?

  • Demi: I've been touring and hopefully, in 10 years, I would have proved myself as a musician, songwriter, singer/actress/director/producer/script writer. I want to do everything.

Kidzworld: So are you the younger Barbra Streisand then?

  • Demi: [laughs] With a little Tina Fey thrown in.

Jonas BrothersJonas BrothersCourtesy of Lynn Barker

The Jo Bros are standing there waiting for us to finish talking to Demi. They've been making funny faces! OK, she greets and leaves and we're switching to the three cuties... Joe has a little stubble and is wearing his glasses. All three guys look cute/casual. Nick has on a sharp-looking leather jacket. They sit and we're off...

Jonas BrothersJonas BrothersCourtesy of Lynn Barker

Kidzworld: Are you guys still really "living the dream" or has it started to tarnish a little bit?

  • Kevin: Is The Dream living us?

Kidzworld: Yeah.

  • Joe: We are on Season 2 on the show but I know what you mean. But as we get older, it seems like we love it more and more. I think we learned that it's important to take time and rest and that means not doing anything. But, at the end of the day, we don't want to stop this ride. It's a great opportunity for us to live out our dreams so we're looking forward to, hopefully, the rest of our lives doing this.

Kidzworld: Kevin you were on Minute to Win It in the spring. What was that like?

  • Kevin: We work with Disney but we have an option to do almost anything so that was a huge opportunity but to do as well as I did was great. To win $350,000 for our charity was incredible as was having the support of my family and my wife. It was awesome. I didn't know which games they would play. There are like 50 of them. Luckily, I practised some of them including that one called Keep the Change, which people were amazed by.

Kidzworld: Nick, you sing a really cute song called Introducing Me in Camp Rock 2. Is anything you say to describe yourself in the song really you or just something you wrote for the character?

  • Nick: Some of it is me. But there's a line that says, “I'm not really into cars,” which isn't true [we laugh]. I love cars. I have a couple of cars. It's one of my biggest passions so singing that line was tough.

Kidzworld: That is a really fast-moving song. Did you have to record it a lot because you messed up the lyrics?

  • Nick: It was hard but the amazing part about it is it was a lot easier to sing when it was fast. I guess the rhythm and where you take the rests was easier than when it was at a slower point. It's like running a marathon.
  • Kevin: I think the fans will understand if you do it on tour and don't get it right every night. I think it's pretty funny though if he can't get through it and he just falls apart.
  • Nick: Like tripping in a race.

Kidzworld: Nick is portrayed as something of a klutz in the TV movie. Is that true?

  • Kevin: That would be me or Joe.
  • Joe: It's definitely happened on stage where…well, I'm good at falling. It's been on YouTube many times.

Kidzworld: How embarrassing is that?

  • Joe: Sometimes it's funny. I laugh at it. It's important to laugh at yourself and that shows I'm not trying to hide who I am; sometimes klutzy on stage.

Kidzworld: Joe, Demi has answered my question about the awesome, powerful song you both sing in Camp Rock 2, "I Wouldn't Change a Thing."

  • Joe: Thanks for saying "awesome and powerful."

Kidzworld: Well I think it is. She was saying that some of the power from that comes from the long relationship you two have had; the ups and downs.

  • Joe: Yeah, I'd say, going on what she said, to have a really good relationship with anybody, you have to have some ups and downs to appreciate what it is. For me and Demi, I think we both realize nobody is perfect and we do care for each other's imperfections.

Kidzworld: How much of a game plan do you guys have for your future music? Are you going to change it as you get older?

  • Nick: I think we take it one step at a time. We have a master plan. Do this for a long time.
  • Joe: [sinister voice] Take over the world!
  • Nick: And enjoy each step of the way. We're in no rush to age ourselves up. We're growing in our own time. Our music is growing and we're learning more and more each day with each show we play. We feel like we're trying to master our craft and with the acting as well, we're just getting started and have a long way to go but we enjoy it and we're blessed to have people believe in us.
  • Kevin: Completely.

Kidzworld: What actor or musical star would you like to be like?

  • Joe: As an actor we look up to Daniel Craig [the latest James Bond]. I think he's really a fantastic actor in our own time.
  • Kevin: Dean Martin [vintage singer] is awesome. Guys like him and Jerry Lewis.
  • Nick: And when you look back at Elvis Presley. He did movies as well as music.
  • Kevin: The triple threat is coming back. You couldn't do a movie if you weren't a triple threat way back then. You had to sing, dance and be an incredible actor. You look at musical movies like Singing in the Rain and now look at shows like Glee. It's the triple threat thing.
  • Joe: Well, we could be a triple threat but we don't dance.
  • Kevin: I know so we're lacking in that area.
  • Nick: OK, we're a double threat.
  • Joe: But we can try.
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