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America's Got Talent Season 5 Episode 19 :: Semi-finals

Sep 02, 2010

This week on America’s Got Talent, the last round of the semi-finals sent five more contestants to the top 10.

  • First up, subway-singer Alice Tan Ridley sang Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’. Sharron called her amazing and said she had goosebumps.

  • Second, Haspop tried to go big or go home with a storyline and a mega-big screen. Unfortunately, the judges weren’t thrilled and they felt like he should go home.

  • Maestro Alexander Bui brought a little more of a modern sound to his act, and Piers loved it. Howie admitted that he has talent, but piano compare to acts like Fighting Gravity.

  • Michael Lipari and Ashley Dejon performed like angels in their acrobatics act. There were no dramatic falls this time, but the judges loved the danger and passion they put in to every piece.

  • Michael Grasso rendered the judges speechless with his magic act. Piers said he’s becoming a world class magician.

  • Debra Romer performed with her Jewel-like voice. Howie called her performance nice, which isn’t the best compliment when you’re aiming for spectacular.

  • Studio One Young Beast Society danced a routine that had moves Sharron had never seen before. The judges said they get bigger and better every time they perform.

  • Jeremy Van Schoonhoven, the bike jumper, had a bad fall in rehearsal. But he brought his A-game and performed some jumps that were so dangerous, he could have been hospitalized.

  • Nathaniel Kenyon sang his heart out on stage. The girls in the audience clearly loved him. But the judges thought there were too many missed notes.

  • Murray the Magician knows there’s only room for one magician in the finals. But even though he made a train disappear, the delivery of his performance didn’t live up to Michael Grasso.

  • Jackie Evancho stunned the audience once again with her flawless angelic voice. Sharron said her gift will take her all over the world. Howie called her an angel from another planet.

  • Fighting Gravity closed the show with an act that somehow topped their last performance. The judges said that they were the only act who could follow Jackie Evancho.

So who made it to the finals? Michael Grasso, Jeremy Van Schoonhoven, Studio One Young Beast Society, Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity.

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