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America's Got Talent Season 5 Episode 17 :: Wild Card Round

Aug 19, 2010

This week on America’s Got Talent, the quarter finals continue with the wild card round. The judges each picked 4 eliminated acts who they feel deserve another shot at the competition.

  • Piers’s first pick was Kruti Dance Academy, a Bollywood dance group. Sharron admitted that they are exotic and beautiful, but Howie still doesn’t think America will buy tickets to see them.

  • Second, Sharron brought back Rudi Macaggi, the danger act. She said he had magnificent technique, but he talked too long before performing his one trick.

  • Howie’s pick was CJ Dippa, the young rapper. Even CJ admitted he wasn’t up to par. But Sharron thought it was his best song so far.

  • Sharron’s second pick was RNG, the all-girl dance group. They were strong with a good attitude. But Howie said they can’t compete with the talents like Fighting Gravity and Jackie Evancho.

  • Piers appreciated Harmonica Pierre’s talent. He played the harmonica to Alejandro by Lady Gaga. Piers said he stormed the show. But Sharron didn’t think he’d fill arenas.

  • Thanks to Sharron, Michael Grasso, a magician, returned and performed an amazing trick. He had perfect timing and delivery. And Howie admitted that he was the first performance of the night that deserved to continue in the competition.

  • Howie brought back the Hot Shot Tap Dancers. Unfortunately, they underwhelmed the judges yet again. Piers said he was bored watching them.

  • Doogie Horner, the comedian, returned thanks to Piers. Sharron called him a weird little man, but all the judges agreed that his material was funny and perfectly appropriate for the show.

  • Howie invited Connor Doran, the kite flyer, back to the show. Piers called his control of the kites brilliant and magical.

  • Piers brought back Anna and Patryk, the 12 year old ballroom dancers. They received a standing ovation. Piers didn’t know why they were ever eliminated. But Howie still doesn’t think they’re a winning act.

  • Acrobats Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon were welcomed back by Sharron. They performed a stunt that left the judges shocked and expecting their first fatality on the show. Sharron called them edgy, seductive and clever. It was definitely a wow performance.

  • Finally, Howie’s last pick was the Swing Shift Side Show. They swallowed swords and performed other really...grotesque...stunts. Let’s just say they proudly call themselves freaks. Piers called them utterly revolting.

The votes are in, and the four acts moving onto the semi-finals are Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, Connor Doran, Anna & Patryk, and Michael Grasso!

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