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90210 Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Oct 11, 2010

This week on 90210, Annie and Dixon’s mom has been having huge financial problems. She’s trying to get a job, but she has no skills and no educational background. Hoping to solve her mom’s money woes (at least for a little while), Annie agrees to sell her eggs to her boss for $20,000. But when her mom finds out, she strictly forbids her from going through with it. Instead, Annie’s mom lands a job as Jen Clark’s assistant. And now that her baby has arrived, Jen is going to need all the help she can get.

Secrets and Lies

After Dixon found out that his ex-girlfriend Sasha is HIV positive, it’s his turn to visit the doctor and find out if he has caught the disease. But instead of telling Ivy the truth and working through it together, he lies to her and keeps his distance. When he suspects that the test results are positive, he breaks up with Ivy to keep his fate a secret. But once his doctor delivers good news, he hopes he can get Ivy back. Unfortunately, it’s too late—Ivy already lost her virginity to her family friend.

The Bad Plan

Silver devises a plan to catch the sexually abusive Mr. Cannon in the act. With the help of Naomi and Adrianna, she invites him to a hotel room to work on her “project,” but really they hope to catch his abuse on camera. Unfortunately, Cannon is wise to their plan and he invites the principal and the school counselor to the hotel room as well. They are convinced that Silver’s history of bipolar depression is the reason she lured Cannon to the hotel. And without Naomi’s consent, she can’t tell them the truth.

Bitter Feelings

Meanwhile, Liam is living out of his car, refusing to except help from his half-brother, Charlie (who is now dating Annie). And Teddy is still in denial about that fact he’s gay, and he’s taking his anger out on everyone else around him.

Songs Featured on “Catch Me If You Cannon”

  • Boyfriend by Best Coast
  • Comandi by Cey
  • Come Undone by Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
  • Draw the Stars by Andreya Triana
  • Everywhere I Go by Lissie
  • I’ll Be Be Your Side by Jennie Amay
  • Let it Flow by Haircut
  • Messenger Come by Aaron Katz
  • May Little Shangri-La by Ragged School
  • Oh My by Bronze Radio
  • Tell Me by Au Revoir Simone
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