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America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 :: Episode 6

Oct 12, 2010

This week on America’s Next Top Model cycle 15, the girls were tested on their ability to represent Cover Girl, not just in a picture, but also as a spokesperson. The girls were divided into teams of three, and they each had to give a presentation on a Cover Girl product to the public outside of a local Walmart. Ann was the worst of the bunch. She may take the best pictures, but she lacks confidence when there’s no cameras involved. Kasey stole the show, and won a prize for their group: a shopping spree of the Cover Girl aisle in Walmart.

Star Struck

For their photo shoot, the girls got to work with one of the most renowned photographers in the business: Patrick Demarchelier. His celeb status put pressure on some of the girls, especially Chelsey. The girls shot in groups—two girls and one male model—so each girl had to try to outshine her opponent.

Fifth Time’s a Charm

Ann looked awkward during the shoot, but like always, her awkwardness paid off. She received the top photo for the fifth straight week! Kayla struggled with her shoes: they were two sizes too small. And her struggles sent her to the bottom two. Even though Kasey won the challenge, her photo didn’t shine, and she joined Kayla in danger of elimination.


Both girls were disconnected in their photographs. But Kayla’s was a little more forgivable than Kasey’s. Kasey may be a great spokesperson, and she may win challenges. But week after week, she hasn’t delivered in her photos. And that’s why Tyra gave her the boot.

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