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Hollywood Halloween How-To: Lady Gaga’s Blonde Bow

Oct 18, 2018

Wanna be Lady Gaga with her famous Blonde Bow for Halloween this year? Here’s Kidzworld’s Hollywood How-To …

Lady Gaga CostumeBe Lady Gaga for Halloween

Bow Oh No

Lady Gaga’s got a million different looks, but if we had to narrow it down to just one stellar costume idea for Halloween this year, we’d skip the meat dress and go for her blonde hair bow look. The key to getting this look right is: it’s all about accessories. You’ll need a long platinum blonde wig with bangs cut straight across, a matching platinum hair bow headband (you can make this yourself using a second blonde wig or cheap blonde hair extensions) and dark, funky sunglasses.

Lady Gaga Hair BowBlonde Hair Bow

Face Basics

For her makeup, it’s a simple, basic look. Brush a bit of bronzer on, starting near your earlobes and moving forward. Brush with an upward stroke toward your cheekbone. Using a soft, black eyeliner pencil, rim your lash line top and bottom and add some black mascara and flashy lashes.

Lady Gaga CostumeLady Gaga Costume

To finish off the look, slick on some frosty pink lipstick that make your natural lip color look super-pale and pink. If you wanna add a black, gold or bright-blue lightning bolt under one eye – we approve!

Costume Crazy

Like we said, Gaga’s got a gazillion getups, so pick your fave (the crazier the better), head down to the secondhand store and grab some bizarre garb to complete your look. With Lady Gaga, anything goes!

Lady Gaga CostumeLady Gaga Costume

Video Inspiration

Have Your Say!

Is anyone planning on dressing up as Lady Gaga this Halloween? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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