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Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life (Wii)

Nov 25, 2010

Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life is a trivia game that you play on your Wii system. It’s got tons of amazing, interesting content that we think you’ll love! You and up to three other players can compete in 15 different styles of quizzes, explore the world and more!

Cool Quizzes

The quizzes (there are 15 different kinds of quizzes you can choose from in this trivia game), feature over 5,000 questions that’ll keep you guessing for a long, long time! The questions that you’ll be asked to answer in the game are all about our own home – Planet Earth – and are multiple choice, which means you’ll have four answers to pick from for each question. Get ready to show off how much you know about the wild, wild world we live in!

Explore Earth

Not only does this game let you explore the entire Earth, you get to do it all in 3-D during Quest Mode! While you travel across deserts and through rainforests, you’ll learn tons of amazing, interesting and educational facts about the plants and animals that we share this planet with – we hope by playing this game everyone learns a little more about why it’s so important to start treating all species and spaces on Earth with a little more kindness and respect!

Incredible Images

Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life (Wii)Courtesy of D3

One of the things we love best about this game is the fact that it comes with over 2,000 high-resolution (that means incredibly clear and sharp) photos of Earth like you’ve never seen it before! Check out the shark image that came with the press release for this game – terrifying, right?! There’s also more than 90 minutes of video footage straight from the National Geographic vault!

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