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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Nov 30, 2010

On the previous episode of Gossip Girl, Juliet recruited Vanessa and Jenny Humphrey to team up and bring Serena down. But Juliet took it one step too far. In this episode, Serena wakes up in a random hotel with bottles of pills on her nightstand. She calls 911 and winds up in the hospital. Immediately, her friends’ and family’s anger from the previous night disappears when they hear the she’s in danger.

Typical Serena

Unfortunately, everyone thinks this behavior is typical of the Serena they used to know. Everyone but Dan, that is. He’s the only one that believes her when she denies fault. After Lily has Serena committed to a rehab centre, Dan breaks her out so that they can go on the run. Unfortunately, their plan is thwarted when their parents find them packing in Dan’s apartment.

The Blame Game

Jenny Humphrey and Vanessa feel remorse, but Juliet refuses admit blame. When she knows Jenny is onto her, she skips town. But Blair learns about Juliet’s hand in Serena’s downfall, and she knows exactly what she has to do. Get revenge.

Gossip Girl "Gaslit" Fashion

Blair spent this entire episode in one outfit! Can you believe it? She wore a sophisticated Barneys New York Tartan Dress worth $539, with a Diane von Furstenberg Abbe Sweater Jacket.

Gossip Girl "Gaslit" - BlairCourtesy of the CW

Vanessa’s outfit was all about mixing patterns. She looked colorful in her Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Cropped Peacoat, and her Alice + Olivia Dawn Plaid Top (which retails for $297).

Gossip Girl "Gaslit" - VanessaCourtesy of the CW

The boldest part of Jenny Humphrey’s outfit was her silver Rania Spinelli Over the Knee Tab Boots. She coupled these with a Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall 2009 Coat and a Haute Hippie Mummy Bondage Mini Skirt.

Gossip Girl "Gaslit" - JennyCourtesy of the CW
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