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Nintendo 3DS :: Hardware Review

Reviewed by on Mar 28, 2011
Rating: 4 Star Rating

The Nintendo 3DS, with its ability to show glasses-free 3D images, is finally out! So almost awesome, so almost perfect!

After what seems like a lifetime, the Nintendo 3DS is finally here! With its ability to show 3D images without the need for special glasses and other cool features, it can seem like a must have. However, with a big price tag and only a few decent games available at launch, it may not be on everyone's wishlist just yet.

What it Does Well...

The most exciting feature for the 3DS, and the one with the most potential, has got to be the Augmented Reality (AR) games. These games uses the dual cameras on the 3DS to track the included special cards and transform your desk or kitchen table into a playing field where you can shoot arrows at dragons or pool shot a ball around a difficult course. You can also make your own Mii and have it pose in a picture with your friends!

Speaking of pictures, the 3DS comes with the ability to take pictures in 3D. You can view these pictures later and use the 3D slider on them! For game playing, the new circle pad and motion controls work really well. And while taking the 3DS on the go, you may never turn it off because of Street Pass mode and the pedometer counting each step you take and giving you coins that you can use to unlock more things! Charging the 3DS is easy, all you have to do is place the system on the induction pad included and pick it back up when you head out.

...and what it NintenDoesn't

Currently, the 3DS online store isn't up yet. Also, using friend codes is as annoying as ever and the messaging system really sucks with its 16 character limit. Surprisingly, the 3D effect lacks the wow factor that you might expect. In fact, you will probably end up turning it off after a few minutes. It is pretty hard to find the sweet spot to maintain the 3D effect and every second wasted on adjusting your vision could mean death in a game.

Speaking of games, there are currently 16 3DS games available, including Rayman, Super Monkey Ball, and Street Fighter. If none of these excite you, you may want to hold off on buying the expensive $250 system until you see a game that you do want to play (such as Zelda or Star Fox).


Price: $249.99

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