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Nintendo E3 2010 Press Conference Summary

Jun 16, 2010

Boy, did Nintendo have a lot to show this year! Lots of exciting new games and announcements were made by the Big N, so let's stop talking about it and get to the details!


Nintendo magic certainly pulled through for the next-gen handheld console. This is really 3D. Images sink down and pop up out of the screen. Best of all, you don't have to wear any stupid glasses!

The top screen is bigger than with the old DS and DSi, being 3.5 inches. However, the bottom screen still remains as the only touch screen for the system. You can control the level of 3D effects with a slide control on the top half of the device. This is good if 3D effects make you feel queasy. The 3DS is also outfitted with an analog stick (not a nub!), motion sensors and accelerometer, and two cameras on the outside of the case that lets you take 3D pictures!

The 3DS can power up graphics beyond what the old DS can do. This is great for games and movies. Yes, you can watch 3D movies due to Nintendo's partnership with Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks! The system will always have its wi-fi on automatically and can get data from other 3DS devices, which will no doubt lead to some interesting game features down the line. No pricing or release date was mentioned during the press conference, however.

3DS Games

Already, there are many amazing games in development for this amazing system. Like the 3DS, there were no release dates mentioned, so you don't know what will be available right at launch. However, just the titles alone is enough to get you excited for the future.

Nintendo themselves are making a new Kid Icarus game called Uprising and it will be a third person action game. Also coming being work on right now is Nintendogs + Cats and a brand new Professor Layton game, currently known as The Mask of Miracles. There are more games that Nintendo plans on developing for the 3DS, including a new Star Fox game, Pilotwings game, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing game.

Of course, Nintendo isn't the only one making games for the 3DS. Already in the works is a brand new Kingdom Hearts game and even a Metal Gear Solid game. Developers have also mentioned other first class titles like Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, DJ Hero 3D, Super Street Fighter IV, Madden NFL, The Sims 3, Bomberman, Contra, Pro Evolution Soccer, Sonic, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Dynasty Warrior, Ninja Gaiden, and LEGO.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nintendo spent a good amount of time talking about the new Zelda game that will be coming out for the Wii in 2011. This spiritual successor to the Twilight Princess will have a new graphical look, combining the dirty realism of Twilight Princess and the cel-shade art of Wind Waker.

The story for the new game involves Link coming from a city in the clouds, being guided by the Skyward Sword, which can change into a female human form, to defeat the evil on the Earth below. It was revealed that eventually the Skyward Sword will become the Master Sword that appears in most every Zelda game.

The new Zelda game will use the Wii Motion Plus accessory to control Link's sword. Fights will require players to attack as specific angles in order to deal damage on some enemies. You can also point the sword into the air to charge a sun beam ranged attack. Motion control will also be used for other things, such as bombs, which can be rolled underhand like a bowling ball.

Other Game Announcements

Nintendo did not stop at just a brand new Zelda game. They also announced a 2D platformer game, Donkey Kong Country Returns, which will be similar to the classic Super Nintendo games. Also shown was Kirby's Epic Yarn, which changed the game involving the cute pink fluffball into patches and strings. It definitely looks interesting. Disney's Epic Mickey was also demonstrated and Mario Sports Mix, containing Volleyball, Hockey, Dodgeball, and Basketball, was announced.

The next Golden Sun game for the DS was finally revealed, now named Dark Dawn. Also the classic N64 game, Goldeneye 007, is getting a remake with Daniel Craig's face replacing Pierce Brosnan's for James Bond 007. Strangely enough, however, the Vitality Sensor that was announced last year was not mentioned once during the press conference.

Next Up: Sony

This year, Sony's press conference came last. Let's see if the best was saved for last!

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