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E3 2009 Summary: Sony

Jun 09, 2009

Sony held their press conference an hour after Nintendo finished theirs. With everyone still buzzing about the new Metroid game, Sony set out to impress with some big announcements of their own.

Sony is a Go!

One of the biggest announcements made during the press conference was the reveal of the new PSP Go. This PSP upgrade features a screen that slides up like a side-slide cellphone to reveal the buttons and controls. Also with the PSP Go comes fully downloadable games. No longer will you have to carry around lots of fragile UMD discs. However, if you like your disks, do not worry because Sony will be releasing games both in disc form and online.

For the new PSP Go and existing PSP hardware, Sony has a bunch of great games lined up for the year. This includes a PSP version of Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo as well as Echochrono, a variant of Echochrome that uses time mechanics to solve puzzles. There is also a new Miley Cyrus game and a pet dog simulation game coming for the PSP this year.

For the PS3, expect a new Rachet and Clank game and Final Fantasy XIII. You can also expect Final Fantasy XIV to be coming soon too! FFXIV, however, will be an online MMO game where you can friends will work together to beat dungeons and bosses. If you are already playing Sony's new MMO, Free Realms, you'll be excited to know that the game will be getting Soccer, new jobs, racing progression, and houses for your character.

There is also ModNation Racers coming for the PS3. This is like TrackMania and Little Big Planet mixed together. You can make your own character, cars, and racetracks and share them or race them online with everyone in the world. While exciting, especially for TM or LBP fans, the biggest and best announcement has got to be Sony's answer to the motion detection controller.

This unnamed technology is still in its development phase, so don't expect to see it any time soon. However, the demos shown with it, like archery, tennis, and sword fighting, have been amazing so far. In your hands you will hold a controller with a glowing ball on it that the camera in front of your TV will detect and translate into motion. The camera will replace the controller with an appropriate tool on the TV screen, be it a bow and arrow, tennis racket, or sword and shield. The technology is very impressive and looks to be amazing fun for Sony fans.

Not mentioned during the press conference, however, is the PS3 Slim and the price cuts that everyone is hoping for. There is still the Tokyo Game Show, however, so fans can keep hoping. In the meantime, these announcements are certainly exciting enough to keep everyone happy.

Still more to come...

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony all brought some really cool stuff this year. However, they are not the only ones showcasing at E3! Check back tomorrow as we sum up what third party games were brought to the event!

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