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90210: Season 3 Episode 18 :: The Enchanted Donkey

Jul 10, 2018

It’s Spring Break on 90210 Season 3 Episode 18 and the seniors of West Bev head to Mexico! Kidzworld recaps “The Enchanted Donkey,” which aired on April 18, 2011.


It’s supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. Their last chance to party together before graduation. But their Mexican adventure doesn’t go as planned. When Adrianna and Silver discover that they were both invited on the trip, trouble brews. The girls do whatever they can to ruin each other’s trip, and they end up having a catfight in the pool.

A Bad Trip

Now that Ivy thinks she needs to smoke marijuana in order to surf, she buys some off of a local. But the drugs are clearly laced with something else, giving Ivy a bad trip. Dixon sits with her on the beach while she waits for the high to wear off.

First Crush

Teddy runs into his old roommate (and first male crush) at the resort. While they have drinks, Teddy reveals that he’s gay. And he’s pleasantly surprised when his ex-roommate’s response is a passionate kiss. After things heat up, Teddy discovers that his ex-roommate has a boyfriend...and a very open relationship. This makes Teddy realize that he doesn’t want to live the bachelor lifestyle. He wants a real, monogamous relationship.


Annie is excited to dive into the Mexican culture. And Liam? Not so much. But her enthusiasm is short-lived when she and Liam take a picture with a monkey, only for Annie to get bit in the shoulder. She’s forced to spend the rest of her trip in bed.

The Tutor

Naomi brought Max along on the trip, claiming that she needs extra tutoring during their break. But really, they’re having a secret relationship. When things get steamy in the bedroom, Naomi makes the assumption that Max is a virgin. But she quickly learns that he is quite experienced.

90210 “The Enchanted Donkey” Preview

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