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American Idol: Season 10, Episode 30 :: Top 6 Sing Carole King

Jul 10, 2018

On American Idol (Season 10, Episode 30), the Top 6 contestants sang songs from singer/songwriter Carole King. The show aired on April 27, 2011.

Along with their solo performances this week, the top 6 sang duets: the jazzy Haley and Casey, the country Scotty and Lauren, and the...well, the leftovers, James and Jacob.

After being in the bottom two last week, Jacob Lusk shouldn’t have sang first. If you’ve watched closely this season, you may have noticed the curse of the first slot. Jacob sang Oh No, Not My Baby. Unlike last week, the judges loved his performance and the way he brought out his quirky character.

Next, Lauren Alaina sang Where You Lead. She pushed the boundaries of her voice just like the judges asked her to. But it’s obviously that she could still hit higher notes. Lauren seemed more confident this week (maybe because she met Miley Cyrus in rehearsal). She even brought a guy from the audience onto the stage.

Scotty McCreery sang a tender song this week—You’ve Got A Friend. It was a lot less country and showed a lot more range in his voice. Steven said that Scotty has never sang better.

James Durbin slowed it down a little with Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. The judges loved his performance from the very beginning. J-Lo even predicted that he would win the competition.

Casey Abrams performed Hi-De-Ho, a song that seemed quite risky at first. But that’s the great thing about Casey. He always keeps the show different. Randy admits that he’s excited every time Casey gets on the stage.

Haley Reinhart closed the show with Beautiful, which was, well, beautiful. Steven said she nailed it. And J-Lo said that she has one of the most beautiful voices in the competition.

American Idol Season 10 :: James Durbin singing Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Sadly, America said to goodbye to one of the greatest musicians in the competition this week--Casey Abrams. But this won't be the end for Casey. Not with a voice like his.

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