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Brink :: PlayStation 3 Game Review

Reviewed by on May 14, 2011
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Brink is a first-person shooter game with parkour action mixed in. It shows lots of promise, but fails to make the big delivery.

Brink is a team-based first-person shooting game that is available on the PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and PC. Online multiplayer is the key feature for this game, so if you are looking for an epic single player mode with a tight story, you will be disappointed.

On the Brink of Being Different

Brink is set on a futuristic floating city, called The Ark, where security forces and rebels engage in conflict to control the city's two major areas. You can pick a side to join, but your choices won't make a big difference, as gameplay and is essentially the same either way.

There is a lot to customize with your character and you can continue to switch almost everything about your character between missions. This includes physical stats like size and look, as well as class and loyalty. That's right, you can decide to support the security forces in one level and then switch and help the rebels in another whenever you feel like it.

SMART Moving and Other Cool Things

One of the really cool things in Brink is how you move through the levels with parkour. Holding a single button will allow you to travel effortlessly up walls, over obstacles and slide under bullets. Your body size will make a bit of a difference here, but you can change it between missions to try everything out.

As you play through the missions, you will level up and unlock new skills. You can play through the missions in any order and can play them solo with bots or online with other players. The missions themselves are a bit repetitive, but the levels are really fun to run through.

Overall, Brink is an interesting game with its team play and parkour moves. The graphics are fairly good but can get a bit messy when things get heated. However, it does get repetitive quickly, even with online multiplayer.


Price: $59.99

ESRB Rating: T for Teen

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