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PlayStation Network Outage, and ExerBeat

Jul 10, 2018

Keep up-to-date with all the latest video game releases! Kidzworld has all the latest games to keep watch for. This week, we preview ExerBeat while discussing the PSN Outage!

PlayStation Network Outage

Basically, nothing much is coming out next week (ExerBeat being the only exception, below), so this might be a fun time to talk about the third-biggest gaming-related disaster of my life, the PlayStation Network Crash. As I'm sure you PS3 owners are aware, it's been three weeks since the PlayStation Network went offline and stayed that way, due to this huge data theft cyberattack or whatever. Here's my exact thought process on the first day the network was down: My computer hard drive had crashed a few days before that, so I was actually using the PS3 internet browser to check my email. That didn't work, so I happily moved on and decided to play Street Fighter II on my PS3, I had just downloaded it. Turns out you have to be online to play that, so that didn't work, either. So I decided to listen to some music, and I had a good library up on Sony's Qriocity music streaming service, so I clicked into that, only to find it was also down. No problem, I'll just watch some baseball with my MLB.TV subscription on the PS3. Oh, of course, that's down too. So maybe I could watch a movie with my Netflix Instant Streaming, which I always just watch on my TV through my PS3. Of course that is also dead.

I basically found out that my entire life was centered around my PS3 and my laptop, both of which were now dead and gone. So what did I do? Did I go outside and enjoy the horrible Chicago weather? Did I read a book like a smart and sane person? Nope, I just pulled out my old NES and started playing Super Mario 3. It was gaming bliss. Awesome gameplay, great music, great art, what a terrific game. Then I had to ragequit an hour later because that game is so unbelievably hard. My God, what were they thinking making a game that difficult? So, basically, best day ever. Please come back, PlayStation Network!


ExerBeatCourtesy Namco Bandai

Sure, there are already kind of too many exercise games for the Wii. But this one is only $20, and is much more inclusive of the whole family than most others, because you can choose how you like to exercise, from latin dance to karate to pilates. There are even special exercises made for the youngest possible exercisers in the family, allowing everyone to compete for the best high scores. A special Around the World mode also lets you take your Mii around the globe as you exercise.

What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • May 17th - ExerBeat for Wii