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Red Baron Arcade :: PSN FAQ Guide

Mar 17, 2009

Red Baron Arcade, downloadable on the Playstation Network, takes a light, arcadey approach to dogfighting, and here we answer some common questions about getting through the game's fairly long single player campaign.

Q: What's the best way to take down those huge groups of enemy planes?

A: First of all, it's important to have friendly planes to distract them, so try to keep them alive. Second, it is not a good idea to fly straight at them while they're coming straight for you. There are more of them, so they will likely shoot you down. Therefore, the best way to get at them is to boost under or above them where they can't shoot you, then come up/down to their level behind them after they pass. If you get hurt too badly, use all of your boost remaining to get to the closest health power-up.

Q: Where are all the collectables?

A: The collectables are all either hidden somewhere on the level, likely near the ground between buildings or under a bridge, or attached to an enemy plane you must shoot down to catch it. Check for the number of collectables before you enter a map, either zero, one, or two. If there are two, then one will be attached to an enemy plane, and you'll see it floating above that plane just like the RAF roundel does.

Q: What's the best airplane to use?

A: Usually, whichever plane you unlocked last is your best option for any particular level. If you're having trouble on one, though, you should try out the others and see which you like best. I like the ones with the most boost, health, and firepower, in that order.

Q: I keep failing a mission because my (air)ships are being destroyed, but I don't know why.

A: Check your map by holding the select button to check out where enemies are. If you are supposed to protect your own units, do that first before attacking the enemy somewhere else. In one particular level, enemy bombers lurk on the edges of the screen away from all the action, so you'll likely be distracted taking on enemy fighters instead when suddenly you'll see "Mission Failed". Watch out for them.

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