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90210: Season 4, Episode 9 :: A Thousand Words

Nov 16, 2011

This week on 90210 Season 4, Teddy’s fake wedding video is leaked to the press, causing his uncle to lose the election. Episode 9, “A Thousand Words,” aired on November 15, 2011.

Silver’s Sabotage

After returning from Las Vegas, Teddy discovers that the video Silver shot of his mock gay wedding was somehow leaked to the press. He immediately blames his boyfriend, who is working for the opposing electoral candidate. But to her dismay, Silver realizes that she accidentally sent the video, along with her work, to her boss, who was responsible for the leak.

Liam Rebels

Liam signs a two-year modeling contract with the assumption that he’ll get to drive race cars. But during his first shoot, he learns that posing next to one is as close as he’ll get to a race car. A clever clause in his contract states that, for two years, he can’t participate in any extreme activities - nothing that could put a scar on his pretty face. Furious, Liam rebels and winds up with a broken leg and a void contract.

Dixon’s Rehab

Annie needs to come up with $10,000 to pay for the deposit on Dixon’s drug rehab. But selling all the stuff that Patrick bought for her leaves her way short. She’s forced to swallow her pride and ask the two-timing Patrick for money.

Ivy Wins

Ivy enters a photography contest that gives her a chance to win a trip to New Guinea with a professional photographer. When she wins, she discovers that the professional she’ll be traveling with is her hot, young teacher. Then Raj receives a call from his doctor and learns that his treatment worked. He’s cancer-free!

Have Your Say

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