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90210: Season 4, Episode 10 :: Smoked Turkey

Nov 23, 2011

This week on 90210 Season 4, Liam hosts a good, old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner. But things go wrong when a brush fire forces them to evacuate. Episode 10, "Smoked Turkey", aired on November 22, 2011.

Liam’s Unhappy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and Liam has decided to cook a turkey. There’s only one problem - he doesn’t know how. During dinner preparations, his mother unexpectedly arrives, claiming that she split up with her jerk-of-a-husband. But when Annie accidentally answers her cellphone, she learns that Liam’s mother is full of lies. She came to Liam, not because she left her husband, but because she needs money. And now that Liam’s a famous model, she assumed he’d have lots to give.

Naomi’s Stuck

Noami doesn’t understand why Austin has been acting so different since he came back from his family trip. During a day of horseback riding, they have a fight, and Austin abandons Naomi on top of a hill. Then, Naomi gets her foot caught between a rock, and she fears that if no one comes along soon, she might die up there.

Dixon’s Tough Decision

Dixon needs to make a tough decision. Annie doesn’t want him to tell his friends that he’s a drug addict. Adrianna, on the other hand, doesn’t agree with his lies about being on tour. She thinks he should tell his friends the truth about his rehab.

Raj’s Faulty Treatment

Now that Raj knows his cancer treatment worked, he and Ivy reevaluate their relationship. Did they only get married because they knew that he was going to die in a few short years? Then Raj receives a call from his doctor and learns that the treatment didn’t work after all. But it would be selfish to drag Ivy back into his illness. So instead of telling her the truth, he ends their relationship.

Have Your Say

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