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90210: Season 4, Episode 13 :: Should Old Acquaintances Be Forgot?

Jul 17, 2018

This week on 90210 (Season 4, Episode 13), Annie tries to win Liam back. Meanwhile Liam is falling for another girl. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “Should Old Acquaintances Be Forgot?” which aired on January 17, 2012, to discover what you missed.

Buying His Affection

Annie returns from her holiday in Paris to find that Liam has recovered from his motorcycle accident. She tries to win his affection back by fixing his motorcycle with her inheritance money. Unfortunately, Liam can’t be bought. Besides, he's falling for Vanessa, the girl who phoned in the car accident. But little does Liam know that she was actually the one who hit him.

The Rebound Guy

Naomi finally gets to plan her first high-profile party for a group of sailors. She plans to use the night to have a rebound fling with one of the men to get over her cheating boyfriend, Austin. Meanwhile, Austin refuses to admit that he cheated.

Adrianna’s Daughter

Silver finally learns why Navid has been keeping secrets from her. She calls Navid’s dad and gets him to turn himself in. But that doesn’t mean that she and Navid are getting back together. She’s still dating her new boyfriend, Greg, who has decided to introduce her to his daughter. Upon meeting, Silver learns that she was adopted three years ago from a pregnant high school student. That’s when it hits her...she’s dating Adrianna’s daughter’s father!

The Big Gig

Dixon and Adrianna land an impressive gig that will put their new duo on the map. But when the club’s manager hits on Adrianna, Dixon gets his nose out of joint. He punches the manager and gets them both fired from their gig.

Have Your Say

Do you think Silver should continue to date Greg, even though he adopted Adrianna’s daughter? Or should she go back to Navid? Tell us in our comment section below!

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