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90210: Season 4, Episode 16 :: No Good Deed

Feb 08, 2012

This week on 90210 (Season 4, Episode 16), Silver keeps her feelings inside when Navid announces that he’s going to Princeton. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “No Good Deed,” which aired on February 7, 2012, to discover what you missed.

Annie's Charity

Annie decides to do something worthwhile with her life. She volunteers with a charity organization, only to be attacked with accusations by a reporter.

Ivy's Big Break

In an upcoming art show, Ivy hopes to get her big break. That is, until a street punk ruins her work by spray painting some art of his own.

Silver's Feelings

Now that Silver and Greg are broken up, she decides to tell Navid that she still loves him. But before she can, he announces that he’s going to Princeton University in a couple of days. Silver holds her tongue, not wanting to squash his dreams; meanwhile, Navid is hoping that Silver will ask him to stay.

Dixon's in the Doghouse

With Navid moving out, Dixon decides to ask Adrianna to move in with him to make their relationship more convenient. Adrianna gets mad. Ever since they started working together, the passion has drained from their relationship. He hasn’t even told her that he loves her.

Liam Saves the Day

Vanessa pushes Liam into acting in spite of his agent’s assurance that he isn’t ready. He botches his first TV appearance, but redeems himself at Annie’s charity event when he rescues a drowning girl. Little does he know that Vanessa paid the girl to help Liam secure a spot in the limelight.

Mini Naomi

To get her business off the ground, Naomi plans a Sweet 16 party for a celebrity's daughter. But when she sees her making all the same mistakes to get attention that Naomi made when she was young, she pulls a plug on the birthday bash, even if it means costing her the job.  

Have Your Say

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