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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 14::Valentine

Feb 10, 2012

This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 14) Faye and Melissa throw a Valentine’s slumber party and Cassie is haunted by witches. Read the Kidzworld Recap of “Valentine” which aired February 9, 2012, to discover what you missed!

Haunted Holiday

Faye wakes up next to Jake and tells him it was a huge mistake, but these two clearly still have some chemistry. After leaving his place she goes straight to her bestie Melissa and gives her low down on her night with Jake, and suggests an anti-Valentine’s Day slumber party. Melissa is on board, but Faye isn’t thrilled when Melissa extends the invite to goody two shoes Diana and Cassie. Cassie is being followed by a mysterious hooded figure, first in the parking lot at school and then in the clubhouse, but when Adam drops by it disappears. Cassie finds Jake to ask him about it, and he tells her the symbol on the hooded figure is from an old witch coven that had all died – meaning Cassie is being followed by ghosts!

Voodoo Valentine

Melissa and Diana come by they get into the witch drug Devil’s Spirit and start acting silly and outta control right away Lee drops by with a “gift” for Faye, a creepy looking voodoo head/stick that he says will help her get her power back. Diana is in the mood for cutting loose and manages to land her lips on Lee and a hot pizza delivery guy. When Cassie shows up they bust out the Ouija board, asking it about the medallion, and it spells the word “sacred”. Clearly the dead witch coven know she has the medallion.

Jake finds Isaac the witch hunter who tells him about the medallion, apparently Cassie’s father killed the Nidaros Coven using the medallion, and Isaac is also keen to get the medallion. Cassie crashes her car on her way to Adam’s when swerving to avoid a ghost, and Jake drops by Faye’s slumber party to find Cassie. He pressures Melissa into telling him that she headed to Adam's. Adam and Jake find themselves on the same side hunting for Cassie.

The Coven’s Church

Cassie ends up inside the church where the coven was killed, and the ghosts possess Adam and force him to start slashing his own wrists. Cassie breaks the medallion and frees Adam from the possession. Jake collects what’s left of the medallion and delivers it to Isaac, who he is has a love-hate parent-like relationship with still.

Cassie and Adam end up back at The Boathouse, and while Adam is comforting Cassie they start kissing. Back at the slumber party, things aren’t looking quite as good. Melissa has a reaction to Devil’s Spirit, and gets pretty sick. looks like Lee’s voodoo charm wasn’t a great “gift” after all. He was using it to drain away Faye’s power and resuscitate his comatose girlfriend.

The episode wraps up with us maybe seeing John Blackwell standing by the docks with the imprint of the medallion on his hand.

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