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Cody Simpson is Hoppin Hot!

Mar 22, 2012

By: Lynn Barker

Kidzworld is on the cell in L.A. with Cody Simpson, the talented and very cute heartthrob who will be touring from July through September with “Big Time Rush” and Rachel Crow. There are 50 or more dates in the U.S. and Canada and the tour starts July 5th in Columbus, Ohio.

Tying in with the release this month of the Hop Blu-Ray and DVD for the fun movie, Cody is telling us about his very dance-worthy remix of the film’s theme song “I Want Candy” and a special extra feature he did for the video.

Pretend you hear Cody’s responses in his smooth Aussie accent. Pretty hot!

Kidzworld: How did your song “I Want Candy” get on the Hop soundtrack?

  • Cody: They hit me up not too long after the movie was scheduled to come out and they were like “We need a theme song and we want you to remix “I Want Candy”.”  That was such a cool opportunity because that song is such a classic that I’d heard many times before (original is by The Strangeloves back in 1968) so I recorded a 2011 version of the song and Bruno Mars produced it and they loved it.

Kidzworld: It’s so danceable! So you have an extra feature on the DVD called “All Access with Cody Simpson”. Is that about the recording of “I Want Candy” or what?

Cody: I haven’t seen it yet but there is a lot of behind the scenes footage of the making of the film and I took my parents to the premiere and that’s probably on there.

Kidzworld: You are going on a very long tour this year; July through September. What do you do to kick back when you are on tour? Play video games or Wii or….?

  • Cody: I’ve got a lot of PS-3 and X-Box. We are usually in tour buses so I do some of that.

Kidzworld: Fave game?

  • Cody: “Call of Duty”. I don’t play video games too often but when I have a lot of time there’s no reason why I can’t kick back and take my mind off things.

Kidzworld: For sure. Have you met the “Big Time Rush” guys? Are you pals with Carlos, Logan, Kendall and James?

  • Cody: We’ve had some chances to chill. I was with them in New York City. They’re just great guys. I have nothing that isn’t great to say about them. They treat me like an equal. We’re all out there doing our thing.

Kidzworld: Do you try to go sightseeing in the towns you visit or just rest at the hotel or in the tour bus?

  • Cody: I’ve been to a lot of the cities already and I’ve had the chance to do a lot of sightseeing but you sometimes have a day off and you can go see a movie or go to one of the landmarks.

Cody with Big Time RushCody with Big Time Rush

Kidzworld: Do you think that YouTube is the way to go for aspiring singer/songwriters? Back in the old days, you used to have to try like heck to get your song played on the radio.

  • Cody: YouTube is definitely one of the primary ways to go. Not the only way but definitely a major way to get out there now. I couldn’t name a big artist recently discovered that wasn’t discovered online.

Kidzworld: What has been the weirdest and then most touching fan encounter so far?

  • Cody: I have a lot of those but my fans, in general are very dedicated and spend so much time creating t-shirts and homemade posters. I try to keep as many of them as I can. Fans try to jump over things to get to me but we want to keep them safe. 

A touching moment is going to visit a lot of hospitals. That’s very important and it keeps you very humble. I just like making people smile for the couple of minutes that I’m there.

Kidzworld: Great. What celebs have tweeted you and might be crushin’?

  • Cody: Ah! Eva Longoria tweeted me the other day! I was so excited. She said “It was nice to meet you”. I think she knows that I have a major crush on her. I think she just wanted to reach out.

Kidzworld: You have a new album coming out this summer.  What’s the title?

  • Cody: “Paradise”.

Kidzworld: And a track from it is “So Listen” [now out]. What is that one about?

  • Cody: It’s kind of dedicated to everyone out there that is in love with someone and can’t really find the words to say. You can have so much to say but sometimes just don’t know how to express it in words so “listen to my heartbeat”, and let my actions tell you. That one features T-Pain.

Cody Simpson

Kidzworld: Who else do you collaborate with on the album?

  • Cody: We have a lot in the works. I’m spending this month of March working on it so we’ll see.

Kidzworld: Let’s give a warning to all your fangirls. What must a girl never do on a first date with you or she won’t get another date?

  • Cody: I hate it when they are on their phones a lot. When they are out with me and texting somebody else.

Kidzworld: So rude! You don’t do that to them do you?

  • Cody: No, I don’t. I think it’s important, especially on a first date, to give your rapt attention. You want to get to know the person. How can you get to know them when you’re talking to somebody else?

Kidzworld: So many young stars, both male and female tell me that so listen up dating world.. pay attention to your date!

  • Cody: Yeah!