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American Idol: Season 11, Week 12 :: 8 Finalists Perform

Apr 25, 2018

This week on American Idol (Season 11, Week 12), the Top 8 contestants perform songs from the 80s. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “8 Finalists Compete,” which aired on April 4, 2012, to discover what you missed.

80s Week

The 1980s brought the end of disco and the beginning of New Wave music. Famous artists such as Madonna and Michael Jackson flourished in the music industry. This week on American Idol, the Top 8 contestants celebrated the 80s by performing some of the decade's most unforgettable songs.

Positive Feedback

The weeks on American Idol seem to have a pattern this season. Joshua Ledet stands out from the pack with his incredible vocal range, Jessica Sanchez also impresses with her ability to sing just about anything. Deandre Brackensick flicks his long hair around, sings in his high register and earns praise from the judges, and do-no-wrong Phillip Phillips performs another song that sounds just like the week before.

Phillip Phillips

Phillip’s uniqueness makes him untouchable in the judges eyes. If he were to make a record, every song would song the same, yet when last week’s eliminated contestant Heejun Han sang too many ballads, he was criticized. And then criticized again for trying to spice things up with something more up-tempo and fun. Do good looks play a big part in the judges’ comments? Do they play favorites? Perhaps.

Negative Feedback

This week, Elise Testone’s performance was good - not stand-out-good, but certainly not deserving of bad feedback. Yet, all of the judges had something negative to say. Does it really sound that much different on TV than it does live? Also, Hollie Cavanagh, who started out strong in the competition but has struggled the past few weeks, botched her performance again, probably worse than ever.


Based on the performances, Hollie deserves to be eliminated this week. It will be unfortunate and entirely the judges’ fault if Elise is sent home instead.

Have Your Say

Do you think the American Idol judges are completely fair, or do you think they play favorites? Tell us in our comment section below!

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