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Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, Episode 1:: It Happened That Night

Jun 06, 2012

In the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 1), Alison’s body is mysteriously stolen. Read the Kidzworld recap of “It Happened That Night” which aired June 5, 2012 to discover what you missed!

Grave Matters

After five months of going their separate ways over the summer, the girls get together for a sleepover at Spencer’s house to fill each other in about what they’ve been doing and to reconnect before they kick off their senior year of high school. Aria has been taking a photography class, Spencer has been going to college, Emily went to Haiti to build houses for the poor and Hanna has been, uh…expanding her vocabulary. During the night Emily goes missing and the girls find her at the edge of Alison’s grave, with no memory of how she got there, and what’s even creepier is that Alison’s body has been dug up and stolen!

Little Lies

The girls agree to tell the police that they were at Spencer’s lake house when the body went missing since they know, despite her memory loss, that Emily had nothing to do with it. It turns out the girls haven’t been entirely truthful with each other. Hanna pretends that she’s been returning to see a psychologist when truly she’s been visiting Mona in the mental hospital to try and get some answers. Spencer has been returning the Lost Woods Resort to “A”’s lair to try and recreate in her mind the events of last summer. Emily confesses to Toby that she has been drinking too much, to the point of losing her memory, and she is feeling massive guilt for letting the girls down. Hanna is caught visiting Mona by the Wren, Melissa’s former doctor fiancé. He calls to tell her he thinks her visits are making a difference. Spencer is contacted by Garrett in jail who claims that he knows who really killed Alison and who stole her body, but he wants her mother to take on his case, but Spencer refuses.

Picture Perfect

After Emily’s memory is jogged by seeing a car that she may have been riding in and receiving a creepy text message, the girls start coming clean with each other. Hanna admits that she’s been visiting Mona and Spencer takes the girls to the Lost Woods Resort to show them what she’s been doing, and reveal to Emily that all of “A”’s things were removed before they could find them. They hadn’t told Emily since she was distraught over Maya’s death, which earlier Ezra had told Aria might have had something to do with a piece of evidence Maya had found in Alison’s belongings, according to the newspaper. The only conclusion they can come to is that Mona wasn’t working alone, and they have to find the identity of the Black Swan from the masquerade ball (in addition to finding out what Lucas is hiding and what Jenna is up to).  The girls hear the car alarm go off and find Spencer’s van littered with a snap shot of them at the edge of Alison’s grave that night, and each girl receives a text message…from “A”!

Have Your Say

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