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Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, Episode 2:: Blood Is The New Black

Jun 13, 2012

This week on Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 2), the liars start to receive items from Alison’s grave. Read the Kidzworld Recap of “Blood Is The New Black” which aired June 12, 2012 to discover what you missed!

Dental and Mental

At the end of last week’s season opener the girls started receiving texts from “A” again, and this week “A” ups the ante. While sitting in class Emily receives a necklace made of teeth that says “Dead Girls Can’t Smile”. The girls accidentally flush itwhile arguing about what to do next. Meredith, Aria’s dad’s old mistress, applies for a job at the high school and when Aria finds an earring from the night she and Alison broke into her dad’s office and destroyed it, she decides to come clean with her dad about the event. However, when she shows the earring to Meredith, she claims it isn’t hers.

Gain and Loss

Spencer has been visiting Garrett in jail who claims he’s innocent and wants to pressure her into convincing her mother, a top-flight defense lawyer, into representing him in exchange for information on who dug up Alison’s grave. Spencer’s mother is furious when she finds out that she’s been visiting him, but by the end of the episode Spencer discovers her mother has inexplicably taken on the case and Garrett clams up about what changed her mind - can you say “blackmail”? Garrett leaves her this tantalizing piece of info – what was in the grave may have exonerated him, and he hints that someone close to them is not who they seem. Hannah continues to visit Mona in the nuthouse, and now that the liars are under attack again they pressure her to keep returning to see if Mona will let anything slip. Hannah gets frustrated trying to get answers from a continuously unresponsive Mona and Wren steps in to let her know she’s experiencing “ambiguous loss” – when a person you know “dies”, but isn’t actually gone, just your expectation and memory of them.Caleb gets wind of Hannah’s visits and insists on coming with her from now on. Mona lets one sentence drop about the messages and Hanna vows to return.

Second Sight

Emily has a round of make-up tests and Aria convinces her to accept Ezra’s tutoring help since he’s sitting at home not able to teach. During her English catch up test though Emily sees Jenna put a clip in her hair and suddenly remembers a vision from that night – of Jenna driving the car! Toby finds eye drops for Jenna that are meant for post-surgery and the girls discover by placing the earring in the bathroom where she shouldn’t be able to see it that Jenna has recovered her sight. Instead of confronting her Spencer convinces them to keep it secret so they can use the information to their advantage later.

As the episode closes we see a red-coated figure buying a stack of black hoodies and one pair of gloves from a hunting store.

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