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Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, Episode 12:: The Ladykiller

Aug 29, 2012

This week on the summer season finale of Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 12) someone close to the liars is revealed as part of team 'A' and the town of Rosewood heats up with the beginning of Garrett's trial. Read the Kidzworld Recap of “The Ladykiller” which aired August 28, 2012 to discover what you missed!

Girl Trouble

From the very start of this episode Aria, Hanna and Spencer are convinced that Paige is on Team 'A' because of the earring in her bag (and the snake at the fashion show!), but when they stage an intervention to tell Emily, Emily is livid and tells them to butt out of her relationship - what they have isn't proof at all in her eyes. She and Paige skip school to hang out and the girls are worried about her. That's not the only hot topic in town, Garrett's trial is starting and Rosewood is abuzz with the news. Reporters have swarmed Emily's hosue so she decides to get out of town to the Lighthouse Inn cabins with Nate (just as friends). The girls get a text from 'A' saying that they want Maya's bag and to meet them at Ali's graveside at 10 pm to 'end it'. The girls debate on what to do, and once Caleb learns of it he insists on coming to help them.

Meanwhile Aria is still sitting on the information about Ezra's son and when Maggie drops by for a surprise visit she asks Aria to keep the secret under wraps a little longer since there are more secrets involved than she knows.

Linden and The Lighthouse

Toby comes back to town and he and Spencer have an emotional reunion, she asks if he took the job out of town to get away from her and he tells her that its not what it looks like before leaving  once again. Hanna catches Caleb with a gun and tells him she wants him to get rid of it, and that he can't come to the exchange with 'A' at  Ali grave if he brings it. No one shows up that night at the graveside and the girls begin to wonder if it was a ruse from Paige to get them away from Emily, Caleb drives out before the rest of the girls to the Lighthouse Inn.

At the cabin Emily recognizes a paint splatter on Nate's shoes and realizes that he may not be who he says he is - and she's right, his real name is Linden James and he was obsessed with Maya. Jenna had recognized him, so he knew he had to act fast. It turns out he has Paige gagged and bound in the closet of the inn. She was lured in by an anonymous text threatening Emily's safety. Emily grabs a knife while his back is turned and he chases her into the lighthouse where they struggle and she stabs him. Caleb reaches them right after, rests his gun on the table and hugs Emily, and then we see a shot go off and later when the police arrive Caleb is on a stretcher with a gun shot wound being loaded into the police car.

Team Players

Earlier in the episode we see Mona skip past the mental hospital security guard in a nurse's uniform and go to the 'A' lair where she dons the black hoodie and looks excited until she takes a phone call saying plans have changed. As the girls are waiting with Mrs. Fields in the hospital to hear how Caleb is doing in surgery, Mrs. Fields gets called away and they all receive a phone call with a muffled with a  voice modulator thanking Emily (she had received a similar one telling her to get out of the cabin earlier that night.) Right after the call Garrett and Mrs. Hastings come around the corner, he gives them a creepy smile and Mrs. Hastings tells them he's been let go since Nate/Linden clearly killed Maya.

At the very end of the episode we see a black hooded figure walking Mona back to the mental institution in her nurses' uniform. She tells him that its a shame they didn't get to let the liars find more evidence on Paige since she went to the trouble of leaving that night, and right at the end we see the other hooded figure is Toby as he dashes around the corner! 

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