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SimCity 2013: PC Game Review

Reviewed by on Mar 09, 2013
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Play the game that started the whole Sim craze! After many years, EA has finally made a new SimCity game! Check out review for all the details!

The last proper SimCity game was SimCity 4, which came out in 2003. That's ten whole years! Although SimCity 2013 is technically the fifth game in the series, it is considered a reboot of the series and introduces brand new features while giving old features a major update.

Working in a Glass House

SimCity 2013 utilizes a new game engine called GlassBox, which allows for detailed simulation of your city. With it, you can see things like traffic congestion and pollution more clearly. You can also select any person living in your city and follow them throughout their daily life. However, you won't be the only person peeking into the lives of your sims! SimCity 2013 includes multiplayer online play where you and friends can build cities in the same region. Neighboring cities can trade with each other and offer help by sending things like money and firefighter. Additionally, cities can work together on big projects, such as an airport, to bring benefits to all the cities in the region.

Is it Worth Your Simoleons?

At launch, SimCity 2013 suffered from network outages that prevented players from playing the game, even in single player mode. This is because even solo players have to be logged into EA's Origin service in order to play the game. Since then, EA has been working to resolve the issue by adding additional servers to support all the players that want to enjoy SimCity. While this can be frustrating to players, it is a good sign that people can't stop playing the game! If you enjoyed The Sims and other similar simulation games, you will definitely have fun playing SimCity.


Price: $59.99

ESRB Rating: E 10+

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