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Pretty Little Liars: Season 4, Episode 8:: The Guilty Girl's Handbook

Jul 31, 2013

This week on Pretty Little Liars, Hanna turns to an unlikely source to help save her mother from conviction. Find out what you missed in the Kidzworld Recap of "The Guilty Girl's Handbook" which aired July 30th, 2013.

The Marins and Mona

Far and away the most intriguing plotline this week on PLL has to do with Ashley Marin facing a life behind bars, and the prospect of that future is making Hanna act crazy - and when it come sto crazy, there's nothing like getting a tutoring session from Mona, which is exactly what she does. Hanna decides she's going to take the fall for Wilden's murder and confess, and contacts the best liar she knows - Mona. Knowing her daughter all too well, Ashley confides in Caleb that Hanna is probably planning something like this, and he comes in and busts up the lying tutorial. In a surprise twist however, Hanna doesn't even get to confess because Mona beats her to the punch and confesses herself (out of love for Hanna)! We know Mona always has a trick up her sleeve, but it's hard to see what it could be here!

Spencer the Super Sleuth

Spencer is still on the case to find out what really happened to Toby's mom, and between Wilden's old files and the files at Radley, she discovers a major hole in the story - one file says she fell out a window and the other says she fell off a roof. She's shocked that the story could be corrupted like this, and when she confronts her mother Mrs. Hastings tells her to back off and leave it alone...uh oh, looks like we're headed for another epic Hastings stand off!

The Future of the Fields

With Hanna's mom potentially going to jail, Spencer obsessed with uncovering the truth about Toby's mom, and Aria cuddling up to hottie Jake to talk about Insidious 2, Emily seems to be the only one planning for the future. Unsure about her chances at college without a swimming scholarship she decides to go and talk to Ezra about her options, and remembers about her work for Habitat for Humanity. She calls up her old boss (Rumer Willis) who urges her to consider a trip to Nicaragua and taking on a leadership position, but when she spills the plan to her mom, Mrs. Fields breaks down crying.

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