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Diner Dash Rush: App Review

Reviewed by on Aug 01, 2013
Rating: 3 Star Rating

The perfect and most ironic game to play while waiting in line for a meal! Its Diner Dash Rush for the iPhone and iPad!

Diner Dash is a longstanding series of games that features Flo, the only waitress at a busy restaurant. Typically, the game will require you to play as Flo and have her managing customers in line for seats, taking meal orders, cleaning the table, delivering food, and collecting the cash. You must perform all these tasks quickly or else customers will get mad and leave a bad tip!

Diner Dash Rush BoostsPower Up Flo!Courtesy of PlayFirst Inc.

Lunch Rush

Diner Dash Rush features the dread lunch rush! Flo and her restaurant may look a little different than in previous games, but the game play is pretty much the same, which is great for fans of the series. While you can do well by serving as many customers as possible, pros will start earning big points by matching the customer colors to specific seats and comboing repeat actions for bonus points. Flo and the game seems to move faster than in previous games, which means things can get crazy pretty fast. There are also new features in the game, such as Happy Hour, where you can get a lot of bonus points easily.

Diner Dash Rush Trailer Launch



Unleash the Power

The coins that you earn while playing the game can be used to buy power ups that can help you. For example, Full Hands Flo allows Flo to carry more dishes. You can also use real money to get coins faster and buy the power ups more often. Overall, Diner Dash Rush is a great addition to the Diner Dash series and fans will enjoy it. The only big problem is that clumsier players may tap on the wrong table occassionally and ruin their combos. Long periods of play can quickly become boring. However, it is perfect for when you are just waiting in line and want to play a quick game.

DIner Dash Rush screenshotIt's a busy lunch hour!Courtesy of PlayFirst Inc.

Rating: 3

Price: Free

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Diner Dash Rush Title ScreenPlay for free!Courtesy of PlayFirst Inc.
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