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So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10, Week 14 :: The Top 8 Perform/2 Eliminated

Aug 21, 2013

This week on So You Think You Can Dance (Season 10, Week 14), the all-stars choreographed the performances for their partners. Read Kidzworld’s recap of the “The Top 8 Perform/2 Eliminated” which aired on August 20th, 2013, to discover what you missed.

This week actress Jenna Elfman joined the panel of judges. They watched the top 8 dancers perform with different all-stars from last week. In a new twist, the all-stars choreographed each of their own routines. And, in some interesting SYTYCD news, all-stars Allison and Twitch are engaged!

The Performances

Aaron and all-star Chelsie Hightower opened the show with a fast jive routine. The judges commented on a few imperfections on Aaron's part, although they loved how fun and fast it was. Mary enjoyed the combination of a few different styles including swing.

Fik-shun and all-star Allison performed a contemporary routine about prejudice and equality that was inspired by her engagement to Twitch. Guest judge Jenna Elfman said that Fik-shun is already an all-star in her eyes. He managed to keep up with her even though he is far from a contemporary dancer.

Tucker and all-star Courtney performed a jazz routine based on Romeo & Juliet, only with a happy ending. It included tons of daring and unique lifts and tosses which the judges loved. Nigel complimented both of them on overcoming their health battles, Tucker for his knee infection and Courtney for her MS and month of blindness in her left eye.

Paul and all-star Comfort performed a hip-hop routine about graffiti artists. Paul, a ballroom dancer, got so down and dirty, you'd think hip-hop was his style. Mary said that Paul is one of the most versatile dancers on the show. 

Hayley and all-star Dmitry performed a sexy rhumba about a woman who wants to break up with her fiance. Mary called the routine phenomenal, and Nigel said that this was a good comeback as a choreographer for Dmitry.

Jenna and all-star Marc performed a jazz routine that was a brand new style - Marc's style. It was a combination of quirky, alien and different ethnicities. The judges were blown away and gave the pair the first standing ovation of the night. They complimented Marc on his fresh choreography and Jenna on mastering it so quickly.

Jasmine and all-star Twitch brought the comic book world to dance by taking on the personas of superheroes in their hip-hop routine. Nigel said that with his favorite, Makenzie, gone, Jasmine has filled her role. 

Amy and all-star/Emmy-nominated choreographer Travis Wall performed a beautiful contemporary piece about a couple who plays games at the beginning of their relationship. This earned a standing ovation. Nigel said that Travis will achieve more than he ever thinks possible and called him a genius.


This week, Jenna, Hayley, Fik-Shun and Tucker found themselves in the bottom 4. Considering that Jenna has been in the bottom nearly every week of the competition, the judges finally had to part ways with her, along with her best dancer friend, Tucker.

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