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Survivor 5 Thailand - Episode 11

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

If you watched episode 11 of Survivor 5 Thailand, you were probably either crying over the emotional reunion with loved ones, or barfing over the disgusting eating challenges. Boiled tarantula anyone?

If you watched episode 11 of Survivor 5 Thailand - you better have had two things handy: A bucket and a box of tissues. If you weren't crying over the emotional reunion with loved ones, you were probably barfing over the disgusting eating challenges.

The Reward Challenge is all about family. At the sight of their family member, every survivor (except Brian,) bawls. Each loved one has to consume nasty things like a boiled tarantula, a water bug and three live grubs in order to win a day with the tribe. Brian Heidik's wife is the only one who bails. All the others, (like Ted's brother, Jan's son and Jake and Clay's wives,) try their best. In the end, Helen Glover's husband beats out Jake Billingsley's wife to score the Reward. (If he hadn't won, it looked like Helen might have divorced him on the spot.)

The Immunity Challenge reunites each tribe member with their loved one. While tied by the wrist to their family member, the survivors have to put together a giant puzzle. Ted and his bro, Alwan, scored Immunity. Sticking to their old Chuay Gahn ties, the group votes off Jake Billingsley at Tribal Council.


1Chuay Jai

Courtesy of CBS.
Jan Gentry and Clay Jordan

Jan Gentry: Although, she hasn't shown it much lately - Jan's still as crazy as a loon. Remember the pet cemetary? We're sure that Chuay Jai does. Also, although she's not a physical threat, and may never win an Immunity, she's not hated by the jury that much so if they don't vote her off soon - she may actually win the million.
Clay Jordan: He's a poisioned, little garden gnome. Clay is rude, loud, lazy and annoying. Chuay Jai may decide to kick him to the jury just so they can get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, he's not a threat when it comes to the millions. Anyone who's left in a final two with him would probably win because all of Sook Jai (who makes up most of the jury,) hates Clay Jordan too.

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