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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Game Review

Reviewed by on Oct 29, 2013
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Has TT Games created their best LEGO game yet with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes? Read Kidzworlds game review to find out!

The Mighty Thor!The Mighty Thor!Courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive

They've tackled Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Batman but developer TT Games is still proving that they've got lots left in them creatively. TT Games latest game, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes surpasses it's predecessors on almost every level, blending the spectacular Marvel Universe with LEGO that will delight new-comer's to the character's and games or life-long Marvel fans.

Iron Man's power of flight gives him increased maneuverabilityIron Man's power of flight gives him increased maneuverabilityCourtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive

Like the LEGO games that came before, it's all about the extensive character line-up. Unlocking and swapping between them, using each Marvel Heroes unique abilities to solve navigational puzzles that are between you and your goal...while of course, beating up some baddies along the way. TT Games have adapted each Marvel Hero's signature abilities to the LEGO world in a way that made me smile each and every time I experienced playing as a new character. Right from the start, you're given access to some favorites like Iron Man, Hulk, Mr. Fantastic and Spiderman and the fan-service just continues from their.

Thanks to the Boss fights, which are primarily puzzle-based in a sense, as opposed to a button-mashing slug-fest, you'll find plenty of reasons to be swapping between your heroes. Their abilities, for the most part, are put to great use in all sorts of unique and fun ways - even if a few of those uses aren't quite Marvel cannon. To take down Sandman for example -- who is beautifully realized as bits of little LEGO pieces swirling and shifting -- you'll use a combination of Spiderman's web slinging, Ironman's hand canon and Hulk's ability to toss heavy objects to take him down.

The Fantastic Four...minus Human Torch.The Fantastic Four...minus Human Torch.Courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive

There are over 100 unique Marvel characters to unlock through missions, side-quests (Brought to you by Deadpool) and challenges and with each offering something unique, it adds an incredible amount of replay value. You'll pass many areas on your first play-through that you can't access due to not having a hero with the needed ability unlocked and if you're anything like me, you'll want to know what goodies are hidden there...and I'm happy to say, I was rarely disappointed in what I found.

If there's one issue that continues to pop up in the LEGO games, and is indeed still here in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, is that sometimes, there really isn't a clear enough indication on what you'll need to do to pass a certain area. I spent a few times completely lost on what to do next, until I happened to smash a random object that held what I needed. After I few instances of this, I realized that when in doubt on what to do next, just smash everything in sight, the solution will inevitably rear it's head.

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The Verdict

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is TT Games strongest effort to date. It's filled with charming, beautifully realized LEGO Marvel characters, buckets of wit and a visual polish that truly does the Marvel Universe justice. There's a seemingly endless amount of character's and secrets to find. Including Stan Lee, who you'll run across from time to time, in need of assistance. If you've played the LEGO games before, you'll find a refined gameplay system that works better than it ever has and if you're coming into the LEGO game series fresh, this is as good a place to start as any. 

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is available now on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and WiiU.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Game Rating:4

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