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Strider Game Review

Reviewed by on Apr 02, 2013
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Fast, fluid and action packed. Strider is a downloadable action title for Xbox, Playstation and PC thats not to be missed.

Futuristic Ninja Action

You know you're in for a wild ride, when at the start of the game you're launched out of an aircraft to barrel down to the fast approaching ground below. Your glider allows you to land safely into the harsh environment, where in just a few short seconds, the onslaught of action pummels you the way old school games like Ninja Gaiden did on the NES.

Rockets from drones? No problem.Rockets from drones? No problem.Courtesy of Double Helix

Strider, from the developers of the new Killer Instinct, is an update to the classic action series of the same name. The series has laid dormant for too many years and here, makes a fantastic come back, albeit not without a couple trips along the way.

Make an entrance with your epic glider.Make an entrance with your epic glider.Courtesy of Double Helix

Where Strider shines, is with it's ridiculously fast and fluid gameplay. Seriously, at times dicing through the enemies feels as smooth as a hot knife cutting through butter. There's an incredibly satisfying feeling to just laying waste to anything and everything that comes in your path. Double jumping, wall grabbing, ceiling swinging and special attacks can be chained together and executed with extreme precision.

Hang from ceilings like a pro.Hang from ceilings like a pro.Courtesy of Double Helix

If there is one fault with the core gameplay, it's that Strider sticks a little too well to surfaces. Now and then, making you cling to a wall or ceiling you didn't plan to grab. It's a minor fault overall though that never affected my enjoyment.

Some of the bosses pose a serious challenge...Some of the bosses pose a serious challenge...Courtesy of Double Helix

You'll fight - or should I say massacre - all sorts of enemies but it's the boss fights that pose some of the toughest and most interesting challenges. That being said...There is one boss in particular that will drive you mad as he is just way too cheap and unforgiving. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Giant Robot boss.

The environments in the game are well crafted and designed with a solid "Metroidvania" feel. You'll frequently encounter areas you can't access until you've acquired a certain ability or piece of gear, much like the Metroid series or Castlevania. Meaning, there is a lot of backtracking through areas.

Intense action, all the time.Intense action, all the time.Courtesy of Double Helix

The downfall of the environments is that they are all a little too similar. The entire game takes place within one base - compared to the globe trotting adventure of the original games in the series. Making it hard to memorize the map, as there isn't a distinct tone to zones. Luckily, you can access and review your map any time...You're going to need to.

Strider Trailer

Final Thoughts

Strider is hands down the fastest and slickest 2D action games I have played in a long time. It's disappointing to see a lack of variety in the environments but the gameplay more than makes up for that. If you're a fan of action games or futuristic ninjas or just need something new and exciting to play. Strider, is worth the very fair asking price of $15.

Strider Game Rating: 4

Available to download on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PC

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