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Killer Instinct: Orchid Combo Trailer

Nov 01, 2013

Killer Instinct is Rated "T" for TEEN

Yesterday, IGN hosted developer Double Helix for a live, two-hour Killer Instinct demo and what I saw was so rad I had to share it with my fellow fighting game fans here at Kidzworld. Double Helix finally revealed Orchid fully, showing off her new look, combos and what fans had been clamoring for...the "Fire-Cat".

An understatement, she looks really, really bad-ass. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself (watch right to the end for a surprise), then keep reading for a quick preview on the game.

Killer Instinct: Orchid Trailer (Courtesy of IGN)


One Of The Originals

For those unaware, Killer Instinct made it's debut in the 90's arcades just when fighting games were hitting their stride and gaining popularity with gamers. Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter we're dominating the scene and developer Rare wanted in on the action.

Killer Instinct was born and it was unlike any other fighter on the market. It had an edge to it that just oozed cool and the games announcer could be heard throughout the whole arcade as he bellowed "Ultraaaaaa Combo!" after landing 75 hits on an opponent.

Double Helix (with help from the original KI creators) is handling development of this new reboot of Killer Instinct and it is shaping up beautifully.

C-c-c-Combo Breaker!

Killer Instinct was and forever will be all about the insane combos and thanks to the intuitive mechanics, both newcomers and pros of fighting games will be able to pull off devastating combos in no time. On top of your regular light, medium, heavy attacks you'll also have shadow moves that unleash extra damage and are invulnerable to projectiles.

Killer Instinct is gorgeous and runs at a blistering 60fps, at all times.Killer Instinct is gorgeous and runs at a blistering 60fps, at all times.Courtesy of Microsoft

Your opponent will be able to keep your combos in check if you don't mix it up though. Combo Breakers, performed by hitting a simple two-button combination in time with your opponents attack will become a necessary tool. They interrupt your opponents combo and leave them open for you to inflict major damage of your own. The trick here is that you have to use the same attack level as your opponent. Meaning, if he uses light attack in combo, then you'll need to combo break using light attack as well. Same goes if uses a heavy attack combo.

Glacius is back and deadlier than ever.Glacius is back and deadlier than ever.Courtesy of Microsoft

I was skeptical of Killer Instinct and whether or not it could live up to my expectations. But all signs are pointing to it being one heck of a fun fighting game.

I almost forgot to mention the best part! Killer Instinct, on Xbox One, is FREE-TO-PLAY! You can download the game for free on Xbox Live. This free download gives you access to all the modes available, the only catch is you only get the character Jago for free. If you want all the characters, you can buy the full game for $20, or if you like, you can just download one or two characters you like for cheaper.

Killer Instinct is exclusively on Xbox One and is available on day one, November 22nd, as a free download.

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